Sunday Gratitude


Slow Sundays

Chicken soup
Slowly cooked
Meat from the bone
Vegetables blended into the broth

Fragrance fills the kitchen
The soup pot bubbles over the flame
Chicken, onions, celery, and carrots
Fill my home with the scent of dinner.

Rosemary from the pot outside
Thyme from the front flower bed
Oregano from my new plant
Parsley from what is left after the heat

Little bits from my garden
Little bits from my kitchen
Little bits from my knowledge
Little bits from my love

Good bread
Crisped in the broiler
Olive oil to flavor
A little garlic to scrape into the toasted goodness

Wine on the back porch
Looking at the evening sky
As the rain– precocious–runs away
Again, we enjoy a meal together

It is the slow days
Taken in small bits
Filled with love and laughter
A bit of soup and bread

I’m thankful for small things
Prepared and planned
Not detailed or worrisome
Just enjoyed- no strings

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