Grateful for being safe


Today I am grateful for victories.

My dear husband made the decision that he needed to be with me during the last round of hospital visits with my mom.

His strength and humor made such a great difference over the last 5 days.

Through that confirmation of understanding and agreed assessment of circumstances I was able to walk away from the latest round of name calling and anger with only pity and sadness, instead of the usual condemnation and arguments.

With his help, I didn’t accept the labels thrown at me. I threw them to the side, knowing that I am not what she says to manipulate me.

I am grateful for the one who loves me completely, stands up for me, and reminds all will be well. I am a blessed woman, no matter what my mom has to say about me. That is a victory.

Ebb and flow of creativity

I’ve started several posts in the last week or so, only to abandon them.

It got me pondering on inspiration, and trolling various websites, books, and magazines looking for something to “spark” a rambling, or a musing.

Then I thought about it.  Why am I so worried about this?  What dictates what I write and when?  Don’t I relish those moments when words flow, and I enjoy the guidance of Spirit over determination, effort, and thought?

So……until I get back with the good flow of creativity, this blog will not be very active.

Wishing all of you lovely people every good thing until we meet again.

I will enjoy reading your posts until mine come back.





This little message shouted a little louder than most.

We all get comfortable in a routine. What can we (I…big I) do to stop talking and just do or just be?


Grateful and growing

I have been reading some amazing posts by fellow bloggers…I won’t try to imitate or reproduce them, as they are doing an awesome job expressing themselves.

It is a sad time for some, a glad time for others, a retrospective for a few, and some get to celebrate.

In Spite of where you are today, find something good to to share. Be grateful you have breath and a heart beat.

Today I am grateful for authenticity, eloquent expression, humor and triumph.

Where ever you are today, dig in and make it a great day.


Are You A Wild Pixie?

I read this lovely post this morning, and found myself grinning from ear to ear ready to run to the nearest field. Enjoy!

Misifusa's Blog


I feel in every girl there lives a spirit,

a wild pixie, that if let go,

would run and dance in grassy fields

until the end of the world. 

And when that girl grows up,

that pixie hides,

but it’s always there,

peaking out behind old eyes and reading glasses,

laughing, waiting,

to one day dance again. ~ atticus

A friend sent me this photo and I just knew I had to share it with you.  For how many of us remember the wild pixie inside and let her out to play often?  Or do we hide her away?  What stops us from sharing her again with the world?  It does us no good to keep her hidden and to not allow her the freedom to be a part of ourselves.

So today, let that little pixie out!

Let her laugh, smile and hug!

Allow her to…

Shine On!


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Unexpected kindness


Remembering 9-11-2001 by taking flight without fear. God Bless America and the families of those who lost their loved ones 13 years ago.

Hot, busy, tired, and not looking forward to more rounds of MRI appointments at MD Anderson.

The business trip has been productive, and rewarding. The trip home is starting.

Rental car returned, bags checked, Sky Capp tipped, I had the honor to be selected for the quick pre-check line for TSA. The agents were friendly and efficient, and I didn’t have to take off my shoes, or take out my laptop. I thought I won the lottery.

Sitting at the only bar in my concourse, I sipped my Shock Top and stared blankly at the bank of TV monitors spewing the latest in the NFL scandal. If only the media had the same mentality toward our elected officials, as they do for the NFL commissioner…..I digress.

The travelers fill in around me, as I do my best to take up the least amount of space possible…it is a busy day in the airport.

Not being in a jocular mood, I stare at my IPad, the book is open to Emerson’s essay on Prudence. As much as I stare, it goes unread.

This voice intrudes my Boketto. It takes me a few minutes to register that the fellow traveler is speaking to me. He asks where I am headed. I reply “home”.

Little did I know that a one word reply would start such a torrent of unsolicited information. In short order he told me his marital status, how many dogs he owned, how many hours a week he worked, his profession, where he was going, why, and who he would see while he was there.

I asked him a few polite questions, he replied with more information on his Faith, his father, and the projects he had done around San Antonio.

He was off and away as quickly as he set down. He bought my beer, tipped the bartender $10 on an $18 tab. As he departed, he said “my father demonstrated through his life that whatever threshold you cross, be it church, school, business, or bar leave it better than how you found it.”

I wished him a 100 fold return on his generosity, thanked him for the beer, and he seemed surprised at my comment, but pleased.

After he was gone, I was a bit bemused by the encounter, then remembered the scripture about entertaining strangers.

It is those Heavenly Winks, and unexpected blessings that humble me so completely. God loves me, and he sends me that message of love and blessing continually….Sometimes in the strangest places, always when I least expect it, and always when I need it most. God is good to Wendy, even when she is having a beer at the airport .

Cultivation…noun, verb, or state of change?


cul·ti·va·tion (klt-vshn)
a. The act of cultivating.
b. The state of being cultivated.
2. Refinement; culture.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
cultivation (ˌkʌltɪˈveɪʃən)
1. (Agriculture) agriculture
a. the planting, tending, improving, or harvesting of crops or plants
b. the preparation of ground to promote their growth
2. development, esp through education, training, etc
3. culture or sophistication, esp social refinement
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003
cul•ti•va•tion (ˌkʌl təˈveɪ ʃən)




Cultivation….it basically boils down to a continuous work to improve or benefit.

Weeding out the brambles and briars of negative thinking from my mind,
pulling harsh words from my vocabulary,
Tilling the soil of my imagination and creativity,
Preparing my soul for better things.

Opening up my heart to the Light,
Raining the nourishing softness of gratitude down upon my place,
Shining the sunshine of encouragement on my family,
Providing the healing power of forgiveness and grace.

Thriving, living soil of my life,
Growing the best plants,
Bearing excellent fruit,
Loving myself,
Loving others.


Sunday Gratitude


Slow Sundays

Chicken soup
Slowly cooked
Meat from the bone
Vegetables blended into the broth

Fragrance fills the kitchen
The soup pot bubbles over the flame
Chicken, onions, celery, and carrots
Fill my home with the scent of dinner.

Rosemary from the pot outside
Thyme from the front flower bed
Oregano from my new plant
Parsley from what is left after the heat

Little bits from my garden
Little bits from my kitchen
Little bits from my knowledge
Little bits from my love

Good bread
Crisped in the broiler
Olive oil to flavor
A little garlic to scrape into the toasted goodness

Wine on the back porch
Looking at the evening sky
As the rain– precocious–runs away
Again, we enjoy a meal together

It is the slow days
Taken in small bits
Filled with love and laughter
A bit of soup and bread

I’m thankful for small things
Prepared and planned
Not detailed or worrisome
Just enjoyed- no strings