TGIF everyone

My goodness it has been a week. Ups and downs, tears and little successes, good sleep and sleepless nights, exercise and laziness all in one week.

Picture From Authentically Emmie on Pinterest

Spontaneous rhyme by Wendy

The little girl who yearned
For the kind words and praise
Turned into the woman who
Turned to God and learned to love His ways

She falls at times and stumbles
But picks herself up again
For we never fail by falling
But win in rising again

Wondering who she would be
She tried things not her style
She learned who she was not
Which was quite worth her while

She grows confident in herself
Through both success and fights
She finds joy in daily being
Knowing everything will be all right

She has learned one little secret
A simple one at best
Trust in The Lord with all your heart
And He will give you rest.

His gentle voice provides for me
The yearnings of my young girls heart
The words of praise and encouragement
Knowing that we will never part.

Being a work in progress is not a bad thing. I am learning better and better how to dig up the gnarled and ancient root of rejection that has grown throughout my soul. I think that I am starting to make some progress.

As you go into your weekend, I wish you joy, ease, and fun. Hug up all that you love and enjoy them.

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