Thunder and lightning


Thunder clouds roll in
Darkness deepens
Each peal rolls down my frame
Through my arms and out of my fingers

Lightning flashes in my eyes
The rumbling roll of the storm
Comes through my voice
As I rain on all around me

The wind howls
It lashes out at the ground
Driving, pushing, chasing all in the way

I am the storm
The storm is me
Awaiting the breaking dawn
And the quiet that comes
When the storm ceases

Today, I am grateful for friends who “get me”, for the ceasing of the storm, for the storm itself, for storming energy that leaves me peaceful and calm. I’m grateful for the creativity that bubbled up in the night. It had been too long since the words had flowed.

Storms come, we can choose to use their energy or be blown away by them.

Photo: yahoo

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