Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude


The drought is breaking over Texas as we move into an El Niño weather pattern. Our traditional afternoon showers are blowing in from the Gulf, and the rain will last maybe 30 minutes. A good shower to soften the parched earth.

There is something significant in the perfume of rain on dry ground. It is the essence of growth, the quenching of the thirsty plants, the good water that they need to thrive. They do so much better with natural rain, than the city water full of chlorine.

Today I am grateful for rain, the humidity that makes me sweat out the toxins from daily life, the damp air that makes my hair riotously curly. That heavy sweet air that makes me lazy, and relaxed. There is no rushing in 90% humidity.

People ask me all the time, “how do you take that heat and humidity?” I tease that I’ve grown a small gill behind my ear. The truth is, I’ve been here since 1988, and the humidity and I have become pals. I breath it in like the smell of home. The dry air no longer agrees with me. Altitude gives me a nose bleed. I am an official swamp dweller, and I like it. Sea level agrees with me, and the rain is wonderful.

I’m grateful for my home. I’m grateful for being. It is a good day to be alive.

Happy Sunday, my friends. Hug up your loved ones and enjoy your week.


We wander down the narrow constricted path.

To one side is the high, towering wall, to the other the steep, deep ravine.

Yet we trust in that path, step after step

Enjoying the beauty that surrounds us

Be it dangerous and unyielding, it is beauty in its own being.


Photo credit: my husband

Happy Friday!


You can find this print on The seller is Handy Scraps. She has some pretty cool mixed media pieces.

Today I’m thankful for good sleep, new clients, a successful week, and a comfortable place to come home.

Enjoy your weekend.

While We Are Young

My husband has had a habit of recording professional golf for as long as I’ve known him. Golf is not a quick game. Playing golf takes a lot of patience and practice.

Watching golf takes….a sense of humor and no shortage of time. Not that David Faherty’s commentary doesn’t liven things up! Thank God for the mute button when Jim Nance waxes rhapsodic over Augusta National. I am also very grateful for the fast forward to move through the Rolex and Cadillac commercials.

Something caught my attention on Sunday while we were watching the last few holes at Pinehurst.

I adore Arnold Palmer, but pairing him with Clint Eastwood on this USGA ad was priceless!



Lovely thoughts to focus on a Monday.

Cast Light

“In the language of poetry, where every word is weighed, nothing is usual or normal. Not a single stone and not a single cloud above it. Not a single day and not a single night after it. And above all, not a single existence, not anyone’s existence in this world.” – Wislawa Szymborska

Be the poet of your life. Make each word count. Weigh each moment, filled with gratitude and awe. See the extraordinary in the ordinary. Light always overcomes shadow. Be light. A beautiful composition of light.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – Mahatma Gandhi “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Happy Father’s Day. Laugh, and let the fear depart.

I was listening to the presidential weekly address where our commander in chief admonished men that it takes more than the ability to have a baby to be a father, but the courage to raise the child that makes a father.

I went then to Emerson. He has this quote from a headstone in England typifies what makes a man. He is not perfect, but he cares for those around him. But this epitaph, and tribute sums up what makes a good man. From Emerson’s essays on Manners.

“Here lies Sir Jenkin Grout, who loved his friend, and persuaded his enemy: what his mouth ate, his hand paid for: what his servants robbed, he restored: if a woman gave him pleasure, he supported her in pain: he never forgot his children: and whoso touched his finger, drew after it his whole body.”

Excerpt From: Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson.” iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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What I really like about that…”whoso touched his finger, drew after it his whole body.” A generous soul. Isn’t that what a Dad should be? Shouldn’t he be the most generous and strong? Providing, protecting, instructing and correcting….entertaining, humoring, leading and guiding….

To all the Fathers who live, laugh, play, work, instruct, correct, and empower I say bravo and thank you.


The quote behind my dad says “Fear knocked on the door, upon hearing laughter, departed.”

Laugh, and let the fear depart. Enjoy your Father’s Day.

2 am, dreams, and weekends

Beautiful dreamer lay down your head,

It’s past 2 am and you should be in bed.

The computer can wait, and so can the blog

So go to bed now, you’ve woken the dog.

Maybe a minute to pat the boy’s head,

now be a good girl and get back in bed.

Tomorrow is Friday, just one more to go,

then the weekend is here, it will be fun you know.

Where does the time fly?

Where do the days flee?

It seems like this week has gone by in a blink.

The weekend will too with no time to think.

Get out in the sun, be lazy and free

Work on your tan your legs are so white!

But now back to bed, and call it a night.

Turn off your thoughts, be quiet and light,

get back to your pillow sweet dreams and good night.




Rebounding back to gratitude


Returning to gratitude phase…paying attention to life and people is dragging me down to far into a depth that has no return. I can go no further, or I will have a more difficult journey back.

Today I am thankful for friends who ask about me indirectly…..may I say to them please be direct, I cherish you dearly.

I am coming through a difficult patch, there are more difficulties ahead. I will use these times, like exercise equipment, and come out a bit stronger on the other side.

Keep looking forward.

Today I am grateful for questions, exercise, and strength to keep going.

Thanks my friends.