Seeking the contemporary 50 something for a sense of history.

It is strange reaching this age. I used to be surrounded by contemporaries…now I seem to be surrounded by youngsters.

Not that they aren’t charming, smart, funny, witty people….it is just that sense of history that is missing.

Styx and Foreigner were in town for a concert. I remember going to see Foreigner in concert in the early 80’s. I had a Styx album (can’t remember which one). I think it had Mr. Roboto on it. I was also into J Giles Band, AC/DC’s Back on Black was the album everywhere. ELO was dominating the airwaves. I even wandered into Techno-pop with Devo. I kinda drew the line at Boy George…he creeped me out. But give me some Police, and I was a happy girl.

My first concert was ELO in Fort Worth in 1980, when they had the big space ship over the stage. I was mesmerized by the whole thing, especially the people at the concert. I had never been around pot, and it was a show to watch the crowd. My date was really disappointed in me. I’m a bit of a sheltered gal, even now.

So I’m nostalgic on my Foreigner concert experience, and I say “wow that takes ya back to high school!”
This very sweet voice says “I was 8.”
Connection lost, static ensues. I don’t think I heard anything else for the rest of the afternoon, just static.


Have you ever shared a fond memory and been left hanging?

Does music evoke memories for you?

Do you long for a sense of history and commonality?

Do you ever hear the ‘static’ when someone can’t relate to what you are saying?

I’m grateful today for the people I share some history and commonality. It is really cool to be with people who “get you”.

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