I think I need new glasses

I fly at least twice a month. I usually fly Southwest. I know the routine. I get through TSA like an obedient member of the traveling herd.

Somehow I found myself in a new airport, and I didn’t read the gate assignment right on the monitor, and thought I was in the wrong terminal. This airport is under construction, and I couldn’t move from terminal A to B without exiting TSA and having to go back through.

I should have looked closer at the monitors, or at least shown someone my boarding pass, because I ended up taking a long walk for nothing and going through TSA twice.

So friendly advice for travelers. Different airlines take off at the same time for the same city. Two 10:35 flights to the same large city are not uncommon.

Don’t exit TSA until you confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt you have to. The line was twice as long the second time through.

If I had been running late this would have sent my stress levels over the edge. But as it was, I had plenty of time, I had a good walk, and I learned a lesson I should have already known.

Yes, TSA will look at you closer if you come back through twice. Why would anyone want to do that? Check your gate assignments carefully!

I chose to leave my terminal, I had to get over the consequences of my choice.


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