Liebster Award from Atidecrem Life Project! Thank you.

Liebster Award

Thank You Atidecrem Life Project for this auspicious Award!

The rules for this Liebster Award are:
1. Thank the blogger who gives it to you. Check!
2. Answer the eleven questions he/she asks. Check!
3. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers. Check!
4. Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions. check!
5. Let these bloggers know that I have nominated them. Check!

Here are my eleven answers to Atidecrem Life Project’s questions:

1. What message of wisdom or encouragement do you wish someone had said to you early on in life?  

Oh My, I would encourage someone to learn how to forgive themselves and others.  To walk gently through life.  People are precious.  Learn that early, and you will be surrounded with friends.

2. What message of wisdom or encouragement do you want to impart right now?

Be thankful in every situation.  If you are having a great day, be thankful for the great day.  If you are having a bad day, be thankful that you’ve learned something, and that tomorrow is another day.

3. If today was your last day of life, what is one thing you would want to leave as a legacy?

I would write to my loved ones, telling them everything I love about them, and encouraging each to do what is in their hearts.  

4. What does the word “contentment” mean to you?

Contentment to me, is that feeling of inner peace.  No pressure, no anxiety, no care.  A sense of wholeness and trust that whatever is in my life at the moment, is just fine.

5. You are given a free day! No worries, no responsibilities! What is the first thing you are going to do?

Follow my heart.  If my heart is telling me rest, I will rest.  If my heart tells me to clean the garage, I will clean the garage.  The best days are when I fulfill what my Spirit is directing me to do.

6. What three positive words describe you or want to be known as?

Loving, Generous, and Wise are three positive attributes I am aspiring to become.

7. If you could move to another country at a drop of a hat, where would you make your new home and why?

OOOH, that is a tough one.  I haven’t traveled much, so but the country that tugs at me would be Italy.  I love hills, I love sunshine, and I love Italian food.  

8. Name your favorite color, and now rename it to something much cooler and creative.

My favorite color is green.  If I were to rename it, it would be ‘Verdant Essence of Life in every shade from pale sea foam to dark emerald”.

9. What would be your last meal on earth?

Leg of Lamb, with new potatoes, asparagus, and rosemary bread.

10. What is your current mantra or affirmation?

I affirm myself by reminding myself I am loved, and that I love.

11. I love bacon, and personally, I prefer the fat of the bacon more than the meat part. I also like the icing on cakes more than the cake itself. How about you?

My bacon preference is the fatty part, but I like cake better than icing!


Here are my eleven questions for My nominees:

Columbian Cuties

Lorrie Bowden

Write Amuck

Panic Preacher Panic

Reluctantly Suburban

Life In Portsong

Cinematically Insane

ADC writes


1.  What inspired you to blog?


2.  Are you a big reader?  If so, do you Ebook, or real book?


3.  Are you a cat person or dog person?  Why?


4.  Do you ever go back to your previous blog posts and revisit?  What do you find when you do?


5.  Where is your favorite place on the planet?  What makes it your favorite?


6.  If you could choose a super power, what would it be, and why?


7.  If there was any talent you could choose to have, what would it be?  Why?


8.  What is your favorite season of the year?  What do you do different in that season?


9.  Describe your best day ever.


10.  Religion or Faith?  Do you have a preference, and why?


11.  If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?




5 thoughts on “Liebster Award from Atidecrem Life Project! Thank you.

    • Here’s what I did, I have a Mac, so I don’t know if it’s the same if you have a PC.

      I copied the browser bar info when I posted my award responses ( by highlighting, and right clicking to copy) then pasted it into the body of my comments to my nominees on their About page.

      Does that make any sense? I’m not a very technical person. I may have just gotten lucky with the link.

      They can always copy what you have given them into their browser to get to your post, if the link isn’t automatic.

      I have open my notification page: the browser bar says:

      Good luck!

      • Thanks Wendy! I will try when I get home. I got everything else done and then panicked when I couldn’t put the link in the notification!
        Have a super weekend!! And thanks again! 🙂

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