Preparing for a new week a new way

It might be considered a strike on my part, but I decided to change things up this weekend as I prepare for the week ahead. Or don’t prepare for the week ahead on purpose in this case.

When I change up my routine, I get anxious at first, but I appreciate the change of pace in the end. I guess I get scared to be a rebel, but enjoy the little rebellion while I am in it.

I didn’t go to the grocery store, but intentionally cooked from the food in the fridge, and shelves are looking pretty bare. (Boys in the house don’t like bare shelves. Oh dear.)

I didn’t do my regular cleaning. I didn’t do laundry. (Boys have to do their own laundry. Oh no.) I didn’t really do much of anything except visit. My brother came to town, I got to visit with him and mom yesterday.

Tonight I’m relaxing with the family watching the Motocross race we recorded earlier.

I will have to be creative tomorrow. I will enjoy the challenge.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for a new week a new way

  1. Love this Wendy! Yes…you can wing it. Remember how good it felt to just “be.” I remember the first time I heard (and understood) the difference between a “human being” and a “human doing!”
    Enjoy your week!

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