It’s almost May! Plants, Motorcycles, and all good things.

I love Spring. We have cucumbers coming up, squash putting out secondary leaves, tomatoes coming on, parsley being all herby, onions, a new strain of spinach that can take more of our Texas weather.

We put in some new plants, and they are happy, and our roses are having happy dances in the front yard. Don’t get me going on the society garlic, the Guara, the Lantana, and the sweet Allisum.

There is just something happy and joyful about May that gets me ready to jump up and down.

It helps that the weather has been so sweet that I have gotten out on my new motorcycle. I had my first “maiden voyage” two weeks ago. I backed the bike out of the garage, put on my helmet and took a ride without my husband. It was an important first step for me. A residential ride for sure, but it was all me.

The next day, He and I took a terrific ride down a very curved road. 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. I’ve lessened my death grip on my handle bars, but with the mini apes, I’ve got to pull them back just a little more to make them more comfortable. I’ve gotten more comfortable with my right hand turns, and my lean is getting less amateur. I’m not fumbling so bad with my signals either.

I’m so excited to get out more often. I want to grow my skills, and get proficient in this crazy Houston area. It’s a high alert zone for sure. But with so many great riding days here, I want to participate every time I can.




I’m ready for some ridiculous fun.

YES! That is my new bike.

YES! That is a sweet peach color verbena for our front yard.

I’m very grateful today for so many things from the weather, to my garden, to my opportunities to enjoy riding with my husband.

It is a milestone year, it is a breakthrough year, it is a break away year, and it is a year to embrace the ones you love dearly.

What are you enjoying this year? What are you anticipating this Spring?

3 thoughts on “It’s almost May! Plants, Motorcycles, and all good things.

  1. Cool bike! Awesome for your first trip alone, too! I hope to sign up for motorcycle classes in a year or so. Healing an almost broken knee again. I broke my knee before when I was planning to sign up for classes years ago. This is a great sharing.

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