When a poem stampedes through your brain, let it out!

I haven’t written poetry in two decades. It used to flow out like water, but then the spring dried up, and I went on through life without anything stampeding through my brain beyond work and family.

I wasn’t completely surprised after a big argument last month, these words started a low rumble in my brain. They woke me up around the 2 am hour, and by 2:12 they were down on paper…..12 minutes for the low rumble to grow into a full blown stampede that couldn’t be ignored.

It isn’t formal, it doesn’t follow Iambic pentameter, there are no couplets, or rhyming scheme, but it had music that accompanied the stampede that was triumphant. Maybe they are lyrics? I don’t know. The stampede produced something that once released left me in a state of calm resolution, peace, and anxiety free.

My soul cries out-
I was worth more:
More time
More effort
More action
Less words and empty promises
More conversation.

I was worth:
More than the dog
Telling the truth
More than your job.

I am worth:

Thank God He tells me I am worth all.
I am accepted in the Beloved.

I won’t settle for less again.

Image courtesy of Kelly Rae Roberts collection.

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