Baseballs, backyards, and screaming boys


In the typical Houston suburb neighborhood you have a 6-8 foot cedar picket fence.

On a beautiful Saturday evening, the neighbor’s boys were playing in the yard, and their dog was furiously barking at us as we enjoyed our time on the back porch. Our youngest had just gotten home from work, and joined us on the porch to relax a few minutes before dinner.

We all turned as we hear a rather large “thud” in the yard. The sound of a baseball landing on turf.

Some back story. We have a wheelbarrow full of the neighbors toys that are routinely thrown over the fence. We have asked to give them back, but they keep ending up in our yard, so we stopped trying. I’m keeping them safe and looking for an opportunity to send them back without too much fuss.

Within a few moments, we heard some scrambling on the fence, and the flash of a yellow shirt moving up toward the top. Someone was climbing over. My husband retrieved the ball and stood where our visitor would soon be appearing.

A brown haired boy’s head creeped over the fence to see my husband 4 inches away. The look on the boys face was priceless. His eyes fairly popped out of his head. He couldn’t catch his breath fast enough when he came face to face with my husband. He gulped air twice before the scream came out and he jumped down from his perch.

Boy: “I lost my baseball!”

Husband: “where were you throwing it?”

Boy: “I was just throwing.”

Husband climbs on fence to see boy, looking down at him he growls: “throw the other way”

Boy squeaks: “yes sir!”

We were laughing so hard. The look on that child’s face was priceless. The scream sent us over the edge of hysteria. My youngest was on Facebook right away to take advantage of the poor boy’s distress.

Poor husband, he does have a way of scaring small children. But they all run to him with flat bicycle tires, broken toys, or to look for lost animals.

He’s a reliable giant. Scary, but reliable. The legend grows.

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