The road to Emmaus

Easter is the best holiday. Not just because it celebrates life on so many levels Spiritually, physically, and in nature but because Easter’s focus is Christ’s victory over the grave.

Jesus cried on Friday “it is finished” before He gave up His Spirit. On Sunday He rose. He walked with his disciples down the Emmaus road and according to Luke 24:30-32, ‘He opened their eyes to scripture and their hearts burned within them.’

So my focus today is on Jesus’ finished work. He defeated death, hell, and the grave. He took a scourging so that ‘by his stripes, we are healed’. He bore our sins, that we would be made righteous. He is alive! He is with us every day, and he does not turn any away from Him. Who is like our Jesus?
I could go on and on.

Today, take some time to thank your Father for His beautiful Son. For He loved us so much, He did not hold back the perfect life that was given to free us from all sin. Walk down that Emmaus road with Him, and let Him open your eyes to scripture.


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