Just call me “Heather!”

I had a great travel week. Lots of calls, hub-bub, success, and entertainment.

The only problem was my co-worker kept calling me “Heather”. Heather is our Colorado rep. Why she kept calling me “Heather” is beyond both of us, but it was hilarious.

During several sales calls on Tuesday, she introduced me as “Heather”. I would allow her to correct herself the first couple times. She got so embarrassed, and promised to do better. Our last call, she introduces me to the President of a very large lender as “Heather” and I say “sorry, my name is Wendy, Cindy is suffering from early onset dementia. I will have to medicate her here shortly.” It was a risk, as I didn’t know Cindy’s client at all. He promptly responded “Great! Meet you at the bar in an hour, Heather”

Me and Cindy will be friends for life, she might even remember my name next time we get to go on sales calls together!

It would have been easy to get annoyed, but why. It got funnier as the night went on. You know us mid-western, corn-fed, white girls…..we are all called Heather, right?


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