Hope Springs, so to speak

A fellow blogger shared a need for scripture. It really touched me. I’ve been somewhat guarded in expressing need when warranted.

I was so touched when I saw the outpouring of support for my blogger friend! He has awesome followers and I was so impressed with his candor and honesty.

It made me realize how many folks are out there poised to support when given the opportunity. It made me realized that I wasn’t being genuine.


So I will share an extraordinary story of God’s goodness.

My oldest child is 25. He’s never sick. From kindergarten through high school graduation, he missed 3 days of school due to illness. He’s just the kind of young man who always gets up and goes.

We have some family history to take authority over, but it has been in relatives over 50 years old. Since he’d never been sick, he’d go for his regular check ups, hold out his arms for the techs to take blood. He was never squeamish about doctors, and there has never been any red flags about his health.

I got a call in the midnight hour. I struggled to pull myself from a deep sleep as every phone in the house was sounding. As I answered the call from my sister-in-law, my husband caught the call from our son.

He was at St. Joseph’s awaiting a procedure for a temporary wire until a pacemaker could be implanted. Yea, the term is “implanted”. I kept calling it an installation until the Electrophysiologist corrected me that it was an “implant”…..ghrrr.

Stop the presses. 25 year old, athletic, healthy, young men with strong hearts don’t need pace makers…..bad words almost came out of my mouth until he passed out on the phone while I was speaking to him. He was describing how he felt when he would pass out, and he says to me “Oh Dear, here comes another one”, and Wham-o, he was gone.

He had three episodes at the hospital that night. Two were caught on monitoring equipment. The longest one was 10 seconds.

No, the doctors aren’t sure what caused it. Yes, he’s been tested for everything from Lupus, to Lyme disease. His heart is strong. There are no blockages. He has an electrical issue that keeps his heart from pumping. It could never happen again. It could happen tomorrow.

So, what to do. I booked tickets to get to him. I researched myself silly, and I reminded myself and God of his word. I gave my son to God before he was born. I knew he was His. So I reminded God of that fact, and I started reciting every healing scripture I knew, then I looked up the rest.

I went to Phoenix expecting my son to leave the hospital with an apology and a revocation that he had a weird allergy. Doctors have been wrong before.

Instead, I got to see my young man respond to his situation with dignity, courage, and humor. I saw him in the ICU, flat on his back unable to move because of the temp wire. He was patient and kind with the staff.

I saw him being wheeled to the heart-catheterization lab flirting and playing with his nurse about him having Iron Man powers when his procedure was finished. I saw an awesome team of professionals answer my 1500 questions with patience, compassion, and courtesy. I saw my son emerge from the procedure with the same humor he went in with. I saw God in action.

Every medical professional we met went to the 10 seconds of heart stop that were recorded. They all verified for themselves that it really happened. That made a big impact on all of them.

We aren’t guaranteed of how God will fulfill a promise. He promises that He will be faithfull.

He put my son in the right place at the right time, amongst friends who recognized his condition, and took him to the hospital. He had excellent professionals analyze his condition, and they looked at all angles. He had an awesome professional “implant” his device and explain fully how he would have to follow up. My son felt better within 24 hours. He didn’t realize how fatigued he had been until the device was working to keep his heart at a regular level.

I’m in awe at how good God is to me, and my family, and I will sing his praises. His goodness and mercy follow me wherever I go.

P.S. My son is having his 10 second pause framed to hang over
his desk. He knows that as difficult as things get, they could be worse.

God is good all the time. I’m a believer.

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