Best Wednesday

Today I’m grateful. I haven’t had such a great day for a few weeks.

My peace has returned since my post about the “aftershock of arguments”, and with that peace, good things have followed.

Three solid sales calls with agreements for business. Good feedback from Senior Management on a large account I’m working. Good response from prospects for my appointments next week.

I fit myself nicely into a dress that hasn’t fit for 2 years. The poor thing still had the tags on it. I bought it in hopes of dropping a few pounds, and I got to wear it today. Yep….that was the kicker.

I got home in time to make dinner, it turned out yummy. Pork loin with my own marinade recipe, acorn squash and spinach. It’s all gone. That’s what happens with boys in the house. They are great for making sure good food is gone.

I love those moments when I get that little “wink” from God that everything is going to be fine. My message has been received, and all is good.

I’m humbled and amazed….grateful beyond explanation.

My sincerest wish for you is that you have your best day ever. See the blessing in every moment, and spread some joy. Make to share your experience so that we can all maintain our hope!


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