Preparing for a new week a new way

It might be considered a strike on my part, but I decided to change things up this weekend as I prepare for the week ahead. Or don’t prepare for the week ahead on purpose in this case.

When I change up my routine, I get anxious at first, but I appreciate the change of pace in the end. I guess I get scared to be a rebel, but enjoy the little rebellion while I am in it.

I didn’t go to the grocery store, but intentionally cooked from the food in the fridge, and shelves are looking pretty bare. (Boys in the house don’t like bare shelves. Oh dear.)

I didn’t do my regular cleaning. I didn’t do laundry. (Boys have to do their own laundry. Oh no.) I didn’t really do much of anything except visit. My brother came to town, I got to visit with him and mom yesterday.

Tonight I’m relaxing with the family watching the Motocross race we recorded earlier.

I will have to be creative tomorrow. I will enjoy the challenge.


It’s almost May! Plants, Motorcycles, and all good things.

I love Spring. We have cucumbers coming up, squash putting out secondary leaves, tomatoes coming on, parsley being all herby, onions, a new strain of spinach that can take more of our Texas weather.

We put in some new plants, and they are happy, and our roses are having happy dances in the front yard. Don’t get me going on the society garlic, the Guara, the Lantana, and the sweet Allisum.

There is just something happy and joyful about May that gets me ready to jump up and down.

It helps that the weather has been so sweet that I have gotten out on my new motorcycle. I had my first “maiden voyage” two weeks ago. I backed the bike out of the garage, put on my helmet and took a ride without my husband. It was an important first step for me. A residential ride for sure, but it was all me.

The next day, He and I took a terrific ride down a very curved road. 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. I’ve lessened my death grip on my handle bars, but with the mini apes, I’ve got to pull them back just a little more to make them more comfortable. I’ve gotten more comfortable with my right hand turns, and my lean is getting less amateur. I’m not fumbling so bad with my signals either.

I’m so excited to get out more often. I want to grow my skills, and get proficient in this crazy Houston area. It’s a high alert zone for sure. But with so many great riding days here, I want to participate every time I can.




I’m ready for some ridiculous fun.

YES! That is my new bike.

YES! That is a sweet peach color verbena for our front yard.

I’m very grateful today for so many things from the weather, to my garden, to my opportunities to enjoy riding with my husband.

It is a milestone year, it is a breakthrough year, it is a break away year, and it is a year to embrace the ones you love dearly.

What are you enjoying this year? What are you anticipating this Spring?

When a poem stampedes through your brain, let it out!

I haven’t written poetry in two decades. It used to flow out like water, but then the spring dried up, and I went on through life without anything stampeding through my brain beyond work and family.

I wasn’t completely surprised after a big argument last month, these words started a low rumble in my brain. They woke me up around the 2 am hour, and by 2:12 they were down on paper…..12 minutes for the low rumble to grow into a full blown stampede that couldn’t be ignored.

It isn’t formal, it doesn’t follow Iambic pentameter, there are no couplets, or rhyming scheme, but it had music that accompanied the stampede that was triumphant. Maybe they are lyrics? I don’t know. The stampede produced something that once released left me in a state of calm resolution, peace, and anxiety free.

My soul cries out-
I was worth more:
More time
More effort
More action
Less words and empty promises
More conversation.

I was worth:
More than the dog
Telling the truth
More than your job.

I am worth:

Thank God He tells me I am worth all.
I am accepted in the Beloved.

I won’t settle for less again.

Image courtesy of Kelly Rae Roberts collection.

1 year, 85 followers, 153 posts, 14 re-posts

Just grateful. I never thought I could have 85 lovely folks willing to follow along. Thank you so much.

I never thought I would get comments. My goodness…..I’m speechless at your kindness.

I’m sure there are bloggers out there who have eclipsed my numbers, but I didn’t do this for numbers, so I will just be thankful.

So I won’t despise the small beginnings. I will Celebrate and Shout “I have blogged for a year, and had fun!”

Yea Me!

Thanks to the 85 who have visited and liked and commented!

Big Smooches. I will do my best to keep it real. This is just me.


Baseballs, backyards, and screaming boys


In the typical Houston suburb neighborhood you have a 6-8 foot cedar picket fence.

On a beautiful Saturday evening, the neighbor’s boys were playing in the yard, and their dog was furiously barking at us as we enjoyed our time on the back porch. Our youngest had just gotten home from work, and joined us on the porch to relax a few minutes before dinner.

We all turned as we hear a rather large “thud” in the yard. The sound of a baseball landing on turf.

Some back story. We have a wheelbarrow full of the neighbors toys that are routinely thrown over the fence. We have asked to give them back, but they keep ending up in our yard, so we stopped trying. I’m keeping them safe and looking for an opportunity to send them back without too much fuss.

Within a few moments, we heard some scrambling on the fence, and the flash of a yellow shirt moving up toward the top. Someone was climbing over. My husband retrieved the ball and stood where our visitor would soon be appearing.

A brown haired boy’s head creeped over the fence to see my husband 4 inches away. The look on the boys face was priceless. His eyes fairly popped out of his head. He couldn’t catch his breath fast enough when he came face to face with my husband. He gulped air twice before the scream came out and he jumped down from his perch.

Boy: “I lost my baseball!”

Husband: “where were you throwing it?”

Boy: “I was just throwing.”

Husband climbs on fence to see boy, looking down at him he growls: “throw the other way”

Boy squeaks: “yes sir!”

We were laughing so hard. The look on that child’s face was priceless. The scream sent us over the edge of hysteria. My youngest was on Facebook right away to take advantage of the poor boy’s distress.

Poor husband, he does have a way of scaring small children. But they all run to him with flat bicycle tires, broken toys, or to look for lost animals.

He’s a reliable giant. Scary, but reliable. The legend grows.

The road to Emmaus

Easter is the best holiday. Not just because it celebrates life on so many levels Spiritually, physically, and in nature but because Easter’s focus is Christ’s victory over the grave.

Jesus cried on Friday “it is finished” before He gave up His Spirit. On Sunday He rose. He walked with his disciples down the Emmaus road and according to Luke 24:30-32, ‘He opened their eyes to scripture and their hearts burned within them.’

So my focus today is on Jesus’ finished work. He defeated death, hell, and the grave. He took a scourging so that ‘by his stripes, we are healed’. He bore our sins, that we would be made righteous. He is alive! He is with us every day, and he does not turn any away from Him. Who is like our Jesus?
I could go on and on.

Today, take some time to thank your Father for His beautiful Son. For He loved us so much, He did not hold back the perfect life that was given to free us from all sin. Walk down that Emmaus road with Him, and let Him open your eyes to scripture.


Just call me “Heather!”

I had a great travel week. Lots of calls, hub-bub, success, and entertainment.

The only problem was my co-worker kept calling me “Heather”. Heather is our Colorado rep. Why she kept calling me “Heather” is beyond both of us, but it was hilarious.

During several sales calls on Tuesday, she introduced me as “Heather”. I would allow her to correct herself the first couple times. She got so embarrassed, and promised to do better. Our last call, she introduces me to the President of a very large lender as “Heather” and I say “sorry, my name is Wendy, Cindy is suffering from early onset dementia. I will have to medicate her here shortly.” It was a risk, as I didn’t know Cindy’s client at all. He promptly responded “Great! Meet you at the bar in an hour, Heather”

Me and Cindy will be friends for life, she might even remember my name next time we get to go on sales calls together!

It would have been easy to get annoyed, but why. It got funnier as the night went on. You know us mid-western, corn-fed, white girls…..we are all called Heather, right?


Emotional exercise

Do you have people in your life that you just hang your head when they call? The needs they have outweigh any value that they may have hinted at having a long time ago. They are Klingons of the worst nature, and when I’m nice to them, they suck me dry of all energy and happiness. Unfortunately, they are related to me, so I have to be nice to keep family peace. Why? I don’t know, it’s just a law I have to follow. Grudgingly. I’d like to get to the point where I’m like Bilbo Baggins giving the boot to the Sackville Baggins’ side of the family. But family is family.

I would love the freedom to just lay it out there and say what’s on my mind.

Every time I think it’s worth it, I realize what a favor these high maintenance mavens are doing for me. When they get on my last nerve, and it have to dig deep and be nice, I’m getting stronger. When the lack of reason, rationale, or even sympathy draws me to the edge of anger, I become more peaceful with others. When the narcism rages, it makes me appreciate all the really good people in my life. I notice the givers all the more, and it makes me appreciative of those fine people that make life worth while.

How do you cope with the challenging people?



Unusual Lunar Events

The moon has always fascinated me. Not for some weird religious reason, but because of it’s powerful influence over the earth. The moon’s pull on the earth moves the oceans. Since human beings are made of mostly water, my logical mind jumps to the epic conclusion that the pull that moves the oceans might have an effect on the human body.

NASA has produced an interesting video on the upcoming 4 total Lunar Eclipses coming up in 2014 and 2015.


This unusual event that didn’t happen for 300 years, has happened 2 times in the last 100 years in 1948, and 1967. It will happen again in the next 24 months every 6 months April and October of this year, then again April and September of 2015. In both years, these total eclipses will coincide with Passover and Succott on the Jewish calendar. Isn’t it interesting that the last two times this event occurred Israel became a nation in 1948 and they won a major war in 1967?

Psalm 89:37 It shall be established forever like the moon,Even like the faithful witness in the sky.” Selah

I love that the bible calls the moon a “faithful witness”. These unusual events have me pressing into my prayer life, and keeping my eyes open for the good things God is doing in my life, and around me.

The video I link to does a great job describing why the moon looks red, and even describes how the earth would look from the moon’s vantage point as every sunrise and sunset is visible at the same time during the eclipse. Isn’t that cool?

New words, new ways


Sometimes it’s the attitude that counts. In casting the care, the worry, the anxiety there is a freedom. It doesn’t make sense to stay captive to caring about something that won’t change.

So, I’m celebrating the Strikhedonia. Yep, that’s me.