“Face it girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.”

I had to reschedule my insurance test, and my biggest test has been in transporting myself from place to place today. The whole day has been a test, and I’m very grateful to be home.

It’s been one of those days where I must have some sort of target on the side of my car. I had a total of 5 near misses today. It is a complete miracle that I made it home intact, without having to call my insurance agent to report a collision.

The last incident had me ready to use bad words…..and that takes some very serious provocation. The gentleman in the black F150 who almost t-boned me in the driver’s side door, was almost t-boned himself by a minivan. I couldn’t move because of the minivan, the minivan couldn’t move because of the slow witted F150 driver (who should have his license revoked under the Texas Dumb Ass clause which I am composing now to send to the Texas Insurance Comissioner, and my state representative.). We slowly untangled ourselves when the minivan was able to back up.

I proceeded to the bank, where I had to wait 15 minutes for my transaction to be completed. The Branch Manager herself had to verify my identity. My drivers license wasn’t sufficient. The fact that I had my debit card and used my pin for the teller to access my account, was not sufficient. I had to list the number and type of accounts I had with the bank. As I am the co-signer for my children’s accounts, we have a few lines with this bank. I kept thinking “I’m treated better at the airport, than my local bank branch, and they ask for less info!” I rattled off how many, and what types of accounts, my credit card info, and mortgage info to boot, the dear lady, who was eyeing me like a fox in the hen house, to her credit, tried to joke off her nasty attitude by asking me if I needed any additional services from their establishment……………to my ever-lasting shame I got sarcastic and asked if it was possible to be provided with some “quick customer service”.

It was then that I realized that I had had enough. And I would be very fortunate to make home.

Customer service will not return, until it is demanded. I found myself demanding today. I’m not sorry that I demanded, I could have been less sarcastic in doing so. But today was a test, and I will strive to do better next time.

I’m just so grateful I made it home in one piece! It is truly a miracle I made it through 5 near misses today. I’m so thankful.

I could let this Test of today ruin my day, or I can use it like the exercise equipment it is to make myself stronger, to make tomorrow better.

At least I didn’t go all Tawanda on them. I will count that as a victory.

20140314-151222.jpgfried green tomatoes

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