Is it Friday yet? Tacenda. My word for today, practiced but not perfected.

35 hours in 3 days, plus drive time to take a class. I’m pooped.

Taking these classes are a bit like drinking from a Fire Hose: Fast, Furious, and Ineffective if you are thirsty.

The funny thing about the class setting is the competitive Quiz Takers. We had some doozies in this class. A recovering “attorney”-in the midst of a career change, a recent Rice graduate-showing off her skills of argument and logic, a school teacher-determined to show her worth, an insurance agent-expanding his skills was the resident expert.

I was in a sea of professional students, and litigators. Everything was an argument. Every point had to be torn apart into minutia. As much as I wanted to give into my competitive spirit, I practiced being quiet.

As I sat in this class determined to learn what I had to learn to take my exam on Friday. I was impressed with the teacher’s attempts to reign in the discussions, even as she participated in the debates. She stayed friendly while trying to be firm.

For me I found that if I would just read ahead, it helped me keep my mind off the melee.

So at the end of this marathon I realize how much energy it takes to sit in a classroom for 10+ hours a day.

Cheers to those who do this for a living. Cheers to those who take time to put things like these classes together.

Cheers to those who argue. God Bless you that you have the time and luxury to pull things apart to no particular point, other than to be heard.


For me, I need to be quiet for a while.

Well…now that I’ve been heard anyway…..I know practice harder Tacenda girl.

Have you taken any classes recently? What was your experience?

3 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet? Tacenda. My word for today, practiced but not perfected.

  1. Your class sounds interesting. I haven’t taken a class in a few years now unless it was fitness related. I have been thinking about taking sonething for fun but I don’t know what. I definitely agree that sometimes it’s better to be quiet thenargue.

    • The next class I take will be for fun. Property and casualty insurance was educational, but was not elective. Maybe I will try an art class for fun, maybe pottery.

      • Pottery sounds fun, I took that in middle school and high school. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

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