Be happy anyway

Paper work is not my favorite thing to do, especially repetitive paperwork. If I have to put the same information on 4 forms, why do I have to follow up with a phone call so that I can be asked for the same information I provided in multiple documents? Why?

I came to the conclusion yesterday after fighting the frustration of talking to a petty functionary, that she just didn’t want to reference what I’d already provided. After all, that would require some effort on her part.

I had a choice to make. I could blast her for being “petty” or I could choose to hold on to my happiness.

Choose to be happy today, and let the petty lie where it lays.


2 thoughts on “Be happy anyway

    • Thanks….I think situations come up like this to keep us focused on what’s right. Like emotional exercise equipment, it keeps us in shape so we can perform better. Have a great week! Thanks for your nice comment.

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