For the love of a good dog, the frisbee went over the fence.

I have this high energy pooch. He’s a Mini Aussie Shepherd named Rascal. He embodies the very essence of his name, that’s for sure.


Cute, isn’t he? He loves to run. We walk just about every day. A three mile jaunt past cow pastures, and a golf course. But his favorite past-time is catching the frisbee, folding it like a taco and shaking it wildly as he prances across the yard. I believe he would run for that Red Disk until he dropped from exhaustion.


So we had our walk this morning, no cows out for him to chase, but a good walk as it didn’t rain on us, and it was warm enough to enjoy. A lovely humid 65 today.

After running errands, I sat down to have lunch, and I got the “eye”. The stare quickly progressed to his chin on my thigh looking up at me with the big puppy eyes wiggling his little button tail as fast as he could manage. His next move would be the “paw”. He takes one front paw, and touches my arm or leg, as if to ask “ready?”. He had me at the frantic tail wiggle. There is something about a docked tail wagging that is too cute.

So we headed outside to play some frisbee.


It was a little windy, and the frisbee was pretty worn out from all the folding and shaking, and horror of horrors, the wind caught it and took it over the fence. It will take a ladder, to get back there to get it. It’s in the cow pasture behind our house, and the fence is an 8 footer. The dejected look I got from my pooch was epic. It might take him a few days to forgive me.

2 thoughts on “For the love of a good dog, the frisbee went over the fence.

  1. A dog and his Frisbee, like apples and Pie! I just lost my puppy of 13 years old. She was such a great dog. Even right before she past away when I got home she tried to jump up and say hello. She had a smile till the end. Dogs are Smiles and Love wrapped up on four paws. Keep having fun and find that frisbee. Good looking dog, Cheers

    • There is nothing like a good dog. It’s the hardest “good bye” when the leave us. If there was a way to bottle such love, it would be wasted on anything other than a dog. They know how to use it to the fullest. Great line “dogs are smiles and love wrapped up on four paws”! You may see me use it.

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