Dancing on the edge of a cliff


The cool thing in starting a new job is the momentum. The hard thing about starting a new job is the pressure I put on myself to get everything done “right away”, instead of allowing things to unfold, and completing the tasks one at a time.

I took some time today to get organized, and it was good. I danced on the edge of the cliff, but I didn’t jump off, didn’t fall over, and didn’t let the pressure of “doing” make me jump off the edge.

I want to make sure that I stay well balanced, so when I launch myself out there, I can fly high.

Today I’m grateful for gentle reminders, room to breathe, and building my infrastructure so I can stay organized.

What keeps you grounded when the pressure builds? How do you maintain your balance?

On a Monty Python kick

The ball officially started rolling when I got the “migration” stick from Monty Python stuck in my head, so had to re-watch the movie.

My favorite scene from the Holy Grail is the government scene, and my favorite line:


The whole debate on if King Arthur is king, and why is a hoot. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

Next favorite, the Taunting:


But of course you have to love Tim the Enchantor:


I could go on about the Castle Anthrax, the Knights who say Ni, the Black Knight’s flesh wound, the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, and the Killer Bunny but I must Run Away!!!!

I just might watch it again. Some things just never lose their joy.

There are Pelicans in my pond?


Surprise! 75 miles from the nearest gulf beach and we have pelicans in our yucky retention ponds. White pelicans no less, not the Common brown ones that we’ve seen in Galveston, or even Tampa.

So my question became “are pelicans migratory?” Which begged another question “where did they come from?”

That started the Monty Python Holy Grail dialogue going through my mind. What is the airspeed velocity of an un-laden pelican? Could he grip that coconut by the husk, or just carry it in his beak pouch? Yea…the dynamics of Monty Python just doesn’t translate to pelicans, even if they do migrate. Still, I had to mount my pretend horse and gallop around the pond with the dogs, even if I didn’t have a coconut to make the sound effects.


In all seriousness, these pelicans do migrate from the middle of the US down the Mississippi River. The weather in the south east being so awful this year drove them further south and west.

So we got to see something unusual because of the Polar Vortex. I hope they find their way back to their favored river. Our retention ponds have little fish, and turtles, but they aren’t a very clean or a fresh atmosphere for such big birds.

Just another day in South Texas.

21 Little Pleasures in Life

What a great post to start your day. Happy Wednesday!

Suzie Speaks

This morning I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from my colleagues at work, along with a lovely card that read ‘Hope you’re feeling better soon.’ It was a lovely gesture and really cheered me up. Consequently, it also got me thinking about the little pleasures that happen in life that make things so much more fun and worthwhile. Here are twenty-one things that make my life better.

image Starrybasement.com

1. Lying in a bed that has been made with freshly washed linen at the end of a long day.

2. Sitting around a table with friends and family, enjoying a beautiful meal and each others company.

3. A cuddle on the sofa whilst watching a good film.

4. Driving to work without having to stop at a single red light.

5. Finding a £5 note in your pocket that you didn’t realise you had.

6. An Amaretto Sours cocktail.


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Be happy anyway

Paper work is not my favorite thing to do, especially repetitive paperwork. If I have to put the same information on 4 forms, why do I have to follow up with a phone call so that I can be asked for the same information I provided in multiple documents? Why?

I came to the conclusion yesterday after fighting the frustration of talking to a petty functionary, that she just didn’t want to reference what I’d already provided. After all, that would require some effort on her part.

I had a choice to make. I could blast her for being “petty” or I could choose to hold on to my happiness.

Choose to be happy today, and let the petty lie where it lays.


For the love of a good dog, the frisbee went over the fence.

I have this high energy pooch. He’s a Mini Aussie Shepherd named Rascal. He embodies the very essence of his name, that’s for sure.


Cute, isn’t he? He loves to run. We walk just about every day. A three mile jaunt past cow pastures, and a golf course. But his favorite past-time is catching the frisbee, folding it like a taco and shaking it wildly as he prances across the yard. I believe he would run for that Red Disk until he dropped from exhaustion.


So we had our walk this morning, no cows out for him to chase, but a good walk as it didn’t rain on us, and it was warm enough to enjoy. A lovely humid 65 today.

After running errands, I sat down to have lunch, and I got the “eye”. The stare quickly progressed to his chin on my thigh looking up at me with the big puppy eyes wiggling his little button tail as fast as he could manage. His next move would be the “paw”. He takes one front paw, and touches my arm or leg, as if to ask “ready?”. He had me at the frantic tail wiggle. There is something about a docked tail wagging that is too cute.

So we headed outside to play some frisbee.


It was a little windy, and the frisbee was pretty worn out from all the folding and shaking, and horror of horrors, the wind caught it and took it over the fence. It will take a ladder, to get back there to get it. It’s in the cow pasture behind our house, and the fence is an 8 footer. The dejected look I got from my pooch was epic. It might take him a few days to forgive me.