Recurring dreams…

Generally I don’t dream, or I don’t remember my sleeping dreams. On the cusp of my last career, I’m dreaming every night, all night. It’s very weird. I wake up at 11 pm, 12:30 am, 1:45 am, 3:17 am, 4:40 am, 5:20 am, and I’m trying to get out of the same dream for the last 4 nights.

I’ve dreamt that I’m in a very large structure, either a mall, concert venue, office building or hotel, in each dream I’ve had to help someone find their way, but I failed each time. The last one, was the hotel, and I had to find my way to a store outside the hotel, but I had to go through the hotel to find it. My husband ended up in this one, and we ended up in a huge fight. I had to find my way out on my own.

My bed has turned into a restless place, and my sleep into an unfriendly void. I’m not a girl who can go without her sleep. I get really cranky.

I’m going to stay up late to make sure that I can avoid some of the weird dreams. Tomorrow is the big day……I’m very ready for this new step into this final phase of my career.


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