Knotty Thoughts Untied.



When my mind gets jumbled up in the ‘should have’, ‘must do’, ‘why’, and ‘what the hell’ knots; it gets pretty difficult to sleep.

I’ve always been too hard on myself.  It gets really old sometimes.  So I got to make the Executive decision to give myself a break from the defeating self talk that snuck into my sleep tonight.  

I found myself analyzing the ‘why’ of something that’s not even my business and I realized the stupidity of such wonderings.  So fellow bloggers, and lovely friends who put up with my ramblings, I’m seated at my computer at about midnight and listing the things I’m grateful for.  Earlier, I went through some old pictures, and smiled at fond memories.  I took some time and made sure to thank God for all the goodness he has brought to my life.  I petted the puppies, and made special thanks for them.  I visited the blogs I like to read, and looked at some beautiful artwork.  I played with my new phone, as I’m still learning about it.  

Sometimes it’s hard to reign myself in when my mind starts tumbling through knotty thoughts, but I think Emerson’s quote sums up how to untie them before they get too jumbled.  

Live in the Sunshine.—don’t let things get too dark, focus on the good.  Count your blessings.

Swim in the Sea.—do things you love to do.

Drink the Wild Air.—find some adventure.

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