I gave up my iPhone!

The joys and woes of technology.  To iPhone or not to iPhone, that was the question as I made my way through the various carriers, plans, options, and choices for cell phones.

I did promise myself that I would learn something new this year.  Well, I am definitely learning now.  I got a Samsung, and I really like it, but it doesn’t talk nice to my other Mac devices.  I’ve downloaded the software so that my Mac Mini will talk to the little Samsung sweetie, but something is lost in translation.  All of my music and podcasts are eagerly awaiting the Samsung to sync up with my Mac, but it just won’t.  I’ve tried all the configurations for the wireless, bluetooth, and tried the USB cord, Nada!

So much for learning something new on my own.  I’ll have to seek the assistance of the professionals….yippee.

I’m grateful for the learning experience.  I’m grateful for the technology that has come along to give us such awesome choices.  Now, I just need to find that professional that can tell me what I’m missing so that my Samsung sweetie will accept the music and podcasts that my Mac Mini would like to transfer to it.  I just need to yell a little bit so I don’t take my frustration out on the tech guy.



2 thoughts on “I gave up my iPhone!

    • It’s a new world out there, I agree! I hope I’m not one of those pilgrims that ends up with the arrow in my Iphone free head! But seriously, I am having fun learning a new skill. I will probably gravitate back to the IPhone because it’s just so much easier, and compatible with my other devices. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, even if it’s just experience.

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