Happy New Year!



Is this true?  I’m not sure…..but it’s made me think.

I realize that this type of statement is very contrary to the goal setting-resolution traditions of starting a new year, but this got me thinking.  I’m not against a provocative statement to stir things up.

What are my expectations for 2014?  How do I separate my expectations from my goals?  Why would an expectation turn to resentment?  

I expect to be happy, and I generally am.  I expect to have good days, and generally I do.  I expect to wake up, work hard, and move forward.  What I have noticed is that unhappiness comes from expecting from others, and that can be a recipe for disaster.  Especially if they don’t know what’s expected.  Why put that pressure on someone?  

I had to do some soul searching,  Am I expecting too much of my family?  Am I expecting too much from my friends?  Have I put pressure on those I love through expectations instead of reasonable requests, open communication, and respectful dialogue?  How do I respond to the pressure of expectations from others?

I didn’t like my answers to most of those questions.  

So, in 2014 I think the main goal I will set for myself, is not to ‘expect’ things from other people, but I will be grateful for everything.  I will have to measure that by checking up on myself.

Since starting this blog last April, my goal was to cultivate gratitude.  I’ve found so much to be thankful for.  The richness of this life is beyond compare, especially the simple things.  

I’m so grateful for 2014, my family, my friends, my health, and most of all my faith.  Focusing on gratitude gives me so much more to be grateful for, it just grows and grows. I’m grateful for your kindness in reading my blog, getting my 2 am email notifications of a new post, and sharing your comments with me.  

My wish for you is that 2014 is the best year for you.  May all that you touch be blessed.


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