Merry Christmas!



Two of my favorite quotes for this year. My greatest joy this season hasn’t come from the store. It came with having my family all home for a few days.

Wishing everyone everywhere a wonderful Christmas. May your hearts be filled with every lasting joy. May your homes be filled with laughter, friends, and family. Peace, and Prosperity to you all!

Looking forward and looking back

I think I mentioned that I’m ready for 2013 to end. The new year is a scant two weeks away, and I’m pulled in two directions.

Half of me is summing up 2013. It was not an easy year, but it was an instructive year. Twice I had to demonstrate more fight than I thought capable, more forgiveness than I thought possible, and I had to learn about the grace of moving on without bitterness and rancor.

Choices in life are just demonstrations of decisions, boundaries, and expression. 2013 gave me some amazing choices: stay or go? Forgive, or be bitter? Instruct or let fall? Hold the line, or be walked over? Looking back, it looks simple, but it wasn’t simple in the middle. 2013 was not a “go along to get along” year. It was a “nope, I don’t think so” year. Well maybe more of a “oh, Hell no” year. The saying “this too shall pass” was not an option in several situations. Choices had to be made.

2013 taught me that it’s OK to fight back. It’s OK to forgive for the 100th time, it was that 100th time that gave me peace. It’s OK to stay, instead of walking away in some situations.

What a roller coaster year. Lots of highs, way too many lows, twists, turns, and loops.

The half of me that is looking into 2014 doesn’t see exactly what will happen, but the brightness of 2014 is beckoning me forward. It is a hopeful expectation that 2014 will be a year to remember, celebrate, and discover new things. It will be a milestone year: The 20th wedding anniversary, and the Big Birthday.

I’m grateful today that I learned so much in 2013. The instructions, lessons, and experiences have changed me in some ways for the better.

What are you hoping 2014 will be for you?


TGIF everyone!

I thought this was profound coming from someone who went to jail for standing up for freedom, led his country, and was a symbol of hope for people around the globe.

Have a wonderful weekend!


The last thought on Thanksgiving…leftovers are all gone

All the planning, preparation, cooking, cleaning, eating, washing dishes, driving, driving, driving, and finding food storage containers for the leftover food is exhausting. Trips to the airport, weepy good byes, and hauling out Christmas decorations, left me barely conscious yesterday. (It is amazing how helpful the extra hands can be, you miss them when they are gone.)

So in order to have sustenance for the family after the enormous feasting, it was of course left overs.

My last thought for Thanksgiving…I’m grateful for left overs to make a pot pie. I’m grateful that there was enough left over to keep my mom in meals for a couple of days. I’m grateful that Thanksgiving comes on a Thursday so that I had all day yesterday to rest without having to go to work today. I’m grateful that everyone got along. I’m grateful that everyone has gone home. I’m just grateful, which is the point of Thanksgiving, isn’t it?