In celebration of “Selfie being the word of the year”! Here’s my post work out Selfie!

Exercise is SOOO good for you. If you can’t hear the whine implied, I’m whining! In August I started a new routine. It’s intense circuit training for 20-40 seconds with a 40 second rest in between. Each 30 minute routine has a kicker at the end that lasts from 3-5 minutes of all out busting your butt with no rest in between.

I’m really happy with the improved tone in my legs and arms. I dig the quick intense routines over going to the gym for Zumba, or power pump. I’m throwing in some yoga on my rest days, and we can’t leave out the 3 mile walks with the puppies when I’m home. Looking at how I’ve increased my activities, I’m really happy that I’ve kept with it.

The next step in this evolution is to complete the Circuit 30-35 minutes then do an additional 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Tell me what’s working for you! Tell me how you keep motivated. What’s your favorite post work out refreshment? I’m stuck on milk. It’s what really works for me.

Tell me how you avoid the post work out whining.


2 thoughts on “In celebration of “Selfie being the word of the year”! Here’s my post work out Selfie!

  1. Is Selfie really the Word of they Year. That is a new fact for me. I have never done many Selfies, but I do take a lot of photos of my motorcycle but I dont think it counts…..That is a tough workout. My workout consist of taking my dog for a walk twice a day. Maybe I should start running but my dog is to old. Its crazy b/c half the time I need to carry her home half way through the walk b/c she gets tired.

    • My dogs live for their walk. We had to put our Senior Dog down last year, she was 16. But she walked till the end! I figure since we are made up of mostly water, it’s important to keep moving in whatever form we enjoy….I just wish I enjoyed the exercise more, like my dogs do.

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