Mosquitos in November

The thing about living in the near tropical south, is that fall is fleeting, winter comes and goes without notice, and without a really good freeze, you get bugs.

We didn’t get the freeze we needed last year to kill the bugs. Walking the dogs this morning around 7:30, I got bit, and bit good by vicious Mosquitos. I’m not talking about the little sneaky black ones. Those teeny, tiny, sneaky, less than 1 centimeter, pests were not in sight. It was the totally creepy 2 centimeter khaki brown ones. These little monsters make your skin crawl, because you can hear them coming. They will buzz you like Tom Cruise buzzed the flight tower in Top Gun. The buzz is creepy, and will cause fear. I got those dogs moving when I heard them. I wouldn’t be the only target.

So I’m looking for the wind to change. Instead of blowing the humidity and heat up from the gulf, please blow is some chilly winds from the north. I’d like to walk without having to donate blood to the Mosquitos, and I think it would be awesome to wear a sweater this Thanksgiving. Plus my puppies, they need some respite from those blood sucking monsters too. After all, the dogs have to walk.

I’d also like to turn the air conditioner off for a little bit too.

A short but sweet wish list for the holidays.



2 thoughts on “Mosquitos in November

  1. I was stationed in the deep south while in the Army. The bugs were the size of tanks. They just don’t make bugs like those up North. I will say this, there was nothing like listening to the sound of the forest at night. All those bugs would make the best chorus during the evening. I loved listening to the sounds of the night down there.

    • You remember correctly. We have 300 undeveloped acres behind our subdivision. It’s especially raucous after a rain! The frogs are pretty big here too. They have to be to catch those oversized insects.

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