Sweet sweet baby

Just taking some time to express gratitude for time with my little nephew. He turned 1 last week and we went for the party.

Upon arriving at my brothers house, we found that everyone was sick. Due to the nature of the illness (projectile vomiting and diarrhea) the party was cancelled. My nephew Jackson started the fury, and by the time we left 3 days later, that bug made it through all of us.

I hadn’t had a stomach bug in years, and I had forgotten what it was like…..I have decided to avoid all illness going forward.

We still got some sweet time together. It’s a beautiful thing to watch a baby grow, explore, and develope.

Can you believe this sweet boy spread so much havoc amongst all his relations? 11 of us got sick from this little dumpling. We Nick-named him Typhoid Jackson. I don’t think he will live it down. Maybe it is more accurate to say my Sister-in-law’s sisters won’t ever let him live this down. Poor Nikki is 8 months pregnant and was taken to the hospital for safe keeping. She made it through safely. He will be Typhoid Jackson for life. Poor kid. He may need Aunt Wendy to come rescue him from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Sweet sweet baby

  1. I hope everyone is feeling better now! Matthew posted video of Jackson kicking a ball on FB that was adorable! Miss seeing you on FB…am glad you have a blog. Xo Tracy

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