Oh the things you will see in Texas

It’s been a whirlwind trip in NE Texas. Started in Dallas and made it through Sulphur Springs, then ended the day in Texarkana yesterday. Today I finished up Texarkana, made sales calls in Longview, Pittsburg, and I’m finishing today in Paris.

Driving out of Longview, I saw the Pilgrim Chicken HQ in Mount Pleasant, complete with a 2 story bust of the Pilgrim, and the Pilgrim Bank. I drove on through Deport….I should have taken a picture of the sign outside the Deport Elementary school stating they would have “early release” from all Deport schools on Friday. Maybe it was the substantial amount of windshield time today, but that struck me as pretty funny. It begs the question: If you are from Deport, where do they send you? What would they call that? Export?

In Paris, I had to take a drive to the Love Civic Center to see the Eiffel Tower, complete with a Red Cowboy hat. They are having an antique festival here this weekend. I kinda wish I could see that too!

Happy Wednesday, and Bon Soir y’all.


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