It’s been a whirlwind the last three weeks. When stress stacks up, it can do so really quickly.

In the last 6 weeks I started a new job, went to a funeral, made a farewell trip to visit my 97 year old grandmother, drove 1157 miles, visited Dallas, Austin, Monroe twice each, spent 12 nights away from home, invited 6 prospects to become clients, spent 16 hours in continuing education classes, and I have to say: I’m pooped.

In all of the “hustle bustle” I got some awesome encouragement from a friend of mine. Those few words of sincere verbal applause have done more for my morale than any class, lecture, or email tirade.

So if no one has offered you any verbal applause lately, let me offer some! You are awesome, worthy, talented, and special. Pat yourself on the back for being the best you ever!

Smile at someone today, and give them some of your awesomeness. It’s contagious!

Have a great week. Something good is bound to happen any moment.

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