Kick in the fanny


So I’ve pushed myself to make the decision not to be a Miserable Cow today! The mad still lingers, but I am better focused on the things I’m thankful for. I took this particular quote as the kick in the fanny I needed.

Finally…..we got some awesome rain, just as the water district put out the signs calling for voluntary conservation efforts. I should have stopped to take a picture. “Pouring down rain, please conserve water”.

My sense of humor is returning, which is a relief. I’m really quite funny, and I laugh at myself often. I have to. Sometimes I’m the only one who gets my jokes.

So today I’m thankful for rain, sweet puppy dogs, my warm and comfy home, my loving husband, and beautiful sons.

I think I will go hug one of them right now.

Full Moon—ah ha.

So…I’ve been in this nail spitting, snarky, angry mood this week. Not PMS, not hormonal rage, just a pure consistent mad with no reason.

So I settled myself in to gratitude mode, and I really dug deep. I was grateful for keeping my mouth shut. I was grateful I had time to myself. I wad grateful I had business calls to make, and they were AWESOME! I know God loves me when I’m being a complete S&@##, and everything goes better than I could plan it. I had to get out of my own way, and be quiet.

So riding on the plane home was the ultimate test…it was rock solid full, I was a raw nerve, and every jerk in America was on that flight. You know it’s a testy flight when the Southwest Jovial attendant says when the plane stops at the gate “OK. Get Off”.

I made it to the stand where my shuttle would take me to my parking garage…I waited 3 buses to get to my car. I got lectured by the bus driver because I didn’t have a “2nd level” slip…and I almost lost it. By the grace of God I made it home to see the biggest full moon rising up out of the Eastern Sky.

It all made sense…why the mood? Why the jerks on the plane? Why the lecture about parking protocol? I’m blaming it on the moon, and I have one more thing to be grateful for.

Some people don’t think the moon has influence on people. I do. Not for religious, supernatural, weird reasons. I believe it is a factor based on the fact the human body is mostly water. If the moon can influence the immeasurable water in the ocean’s tide, it can influence the body.

God brought me through. He’s faithful. I’m humbled, considering I didn’t deserve any of His gracious favor. He is Good to Wendy.




So mad is one of those things that I have to deal with occasionally. I don’t care for mad, and I’m focusing on my gratitude list to pull me out of this mood.

Even if I can be grateful for breathing, a heartbeat and safe travels.



It’s been a whirlwind the last three weeks. When stress stacks up, it can do so really quickly.

In the last 6 weeks I started a new job, went to a funeral, made a farewell trip to visit my 97 year old grandmother, drove 1157 miles, visited Dallas, Austin, Monroe twice each, spent 12 nights away from home, invited 6 prospects to become clients, spent 16 hours in continuing education classes, and I have to say: I’m pooped.

In all of the “hustle bustle” I got some awesome encouragement from a friend of mine. Those few words of sincere verbal applause have done more for my morale than any class, lecture, or email tirade.

So if no one has offered you any verbal applause lately, let me offer some! You are awesome, worthy, talented, and special. Pat yourself on the back for being the best you ever!

Smile at someone today, and give them some of your awesomeness. It’s contagious!

Have a great week. Something good is bound to happen any moment.

Wow TGIF everyone!


I’m giving myself a ‘fun’ challenge for this weekend. I’m going to do something just for fun. The amount of windshield time this week has left me a little dull. I will have to dig deep.

So I’m asking that you join me!

What are you going to do just for fun? I might need some ideas.