The people I admire

Some day I will publish this mess I’m working on, but I’ve found the common theme. The people and things I admire are unapologetically themselves. They are unique, special, and uncommon people that revel in just being themselves and I will celebrate them some day with my book.

Be You today, and don’t ever apologize. Feel what you feel, do what you do, and enjoy every minute of it. You might end up in my book!

What makes you unique, special, unforgettable? I like you already. You go!



I’m very grateful today that I can rest. If I had to concentrate on anything, it would be a disaster.

My Aunt Susie passed away yesterday after a very difficult fight with cancer. She’s fought most of her life with different health issues since she was a very little girl. This last battle was epic, and I’m so grateful that she is now free. I hope she is having a blast there in heaven, hanging out with Jesus, Grandpa, Aunt Chrystal, and Uncle Bud.

She was 10 years older than me, and I was more of her baby-doll when I was little than anything else.

She was always very good to me, and never ever forgot my birthday, or my children’s birthdays. With all of her challenges, she worked hard, owned her own home, and was quite self sufficient.

She took care of my Grandma until Grandma needed full time assistance, and kept a close circle of friends.

Love you Susie.

20130810-184535.jpg. Mom and Susie Sept 2011.

For my friend Robin


I have a lovely friend Robin. She lives far away from me, but she is always with me. As we went through a surplus of professional issues together, she had a way of saying “this too shall pass”. Not that I didn’t want to thump her on the head a time or two…she was right.

We are still in the season of waiting for things to “pass” in our industry, but we still have much to look forward.

I’m grateful today for good meetings, rekindling of old contacts, and resurgence of former alliances.

I’m also grateful to be home, with my “funnel of love”, and every thing that will keep me going.


Taking a break from the cone of shame


Oh the green mesh ball. We call it the “crack” ball in our house. It’s as effective as the cone of shame in keeping Rascal from licking his wounded little paw. Rascal is one of those determined herding animals…..kinda like Ralph, in the Warner Bros. cartoons. The faithful sheep dog who stands guard over the flock. Ralph who whomps on Wylie Coyote when he tries to steal the sheep? Rascal won’t take his eyes off the ball, it takes a lot of tugging to get him to drop the ball, and he will tease me and play ‘keep away’ with the ball when he can get away with it.

I don’t like him in the cone of shame. He slumps his head down, and acts all depressed. So we’ve been on three walks, chased the cows, played frisbee, and now we have the crack ball out. High energy–smart animal…he has me trained.

The cone of shame

I have this dog, Rascal. He’s a Mini Aussie Shepherd, very high energy frisbee dog, and cattle chaser. He got bit by something, either a spider or bee and has managed to lick some of the hair off his right front paw.

So what to do? My husband tried wrapping the paw in a sock and securing it with a couple of my hair bands….nope! It cut off the circulation to poor Rascal’s foot. So “what to do” was the question on my husband’s mind at 3am. Why 3am? Because that dog is his “baby”, and he was worried. Which is why we didn’t sleep last night, but held a wriggling high energy little dog in order to keep him from licking his paw. Grrrrh!

I was given strict instructions this morning on how to question the vet at Pet’s Mart, and that immediate medical treatment was needed for the darling Rascal!

Rascal’s not happy. Poor baby. We’ll blame daddy.

Today I’m grateful for a sweet dog, that keeps running into me with the cone of shame he now has to wear for the duration. We also got doggie antiseptic, and a liquid bandage for his poor little boo-boo.


TGIF everyone!

8 hours of driving, 4 meetings, a luncheon, catching up with friends, finding great customer service at the Hilton Garden Inn on GWB tollway between Richardson and Plano….a good week, yes!

Ups and downs are inevitable in any week….. So grabbing some quick gratitude for my lovely friend Sara, her belief in me, her support, and her 7 years of being my dear friend. Thanks Sara! It’s so awesome to see how you have grown into a networking genius! You are an inspiration. I’m grateful to have you in my life.