I’m very grateful today that I can rest. If I had to concentrate on anything, it would be a disaster.

My Aunt Susie passed away yesterday after a very difficult fight with cancer. She’s fought most of her life with different health issues since she was a very little girl. This last battle was epic, and I’m so grateful that she is now free. I hope she is having a blast there in heaven, hanging out with Jesus, Grandpa, Aunt Chrystal, and Uncle Bud.

She was 10 years older than me, and I was more of her baby-doll when I was little than anything else.

She was always very good to me, and never ever forgot my birthday, or my children’s birthdays. With all of her challenges, she worked hard, owned her own home, and was quite self sufficient.

She took care of my Grandma until Grandma needed full time assistance, and kept a close circle of friends.

Love you Susie.

20130810-184535.jpg. Mom and Susie Sept 2011.

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