Taking a break from the cone of shame


Oh the green mesh ball. We call it the “crack” ball in our house. It’s as effective as the cone of shame in keeping Rascal from licking his wounded little paw. Rascal is one of those determined herding animals…..kinda like Ralph, in the Warner Bros. cartoons. The faithful sheep dog who stands guard over the flock. Ralph who whomps on Wylie Coyote when he tries to steal the sheep? Rascal won’t take his eyes off the ball, it takes a lot of tugging to get him to drop the ball, and he will tease me and play ‘keep away’ with the ball when he can get away with it.

I don’t like him in the cone of shame. He slumps his head down, and acts all depressed. So we’ve been on three walks, chased the cows, played frisbee, and now we have the crack ball out. High energy–smart animal…he has me trained.

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