The cone of shame

I have this dog, Rascal. He’s a Mini Aussie Shepherd, very high energy frisbee dog, and cattle chaser. He got bit by something, either a spider or bee and has managed to lick some of the hair off his right front paw.

So what to do? My husband tried wrapping the paw in a sock and securing it with a couple of my hair bands….nope! It cut off the circulation to poor Rascal’s foot. So “what to do” was the question on my husband’s mind at 3am. Why 3am? Because that dog is his “baby”, and he was worried. Which is why we didn’t sleep last night, but held a wriggling high energy little dog in order to keep him from licking his paw. Grrrrh!

I was given strict instructions this morning on how to question the vet at Pet’s Mart, and that immediate medical treatment was needed for the darling Rascal!

Rascal’s not happy. Poor baby. We’ll blame daddy.

Today I’m grateful for a sweet dog, that keeps running into me with the cone of shame he now has to wear for the duration. We also got doggie antiseptic, and a liquid bandage for his poor little boo-boo.


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