Don’t you hate it when you realize, it’s your own fault?


I learn more from my mistakes than anything else. I know where my faults lie, and it’s humbling when I don’t know if I have what it takes. What’s more humbling is when I have to tear down the walls I’ve built myself, because I’ve built them on lies and manipulative people’s speeches to me while they wanted me to behave a certain way. I chose to believe the lies. It’s my fault.

In my search to cultivate gratitude, I’ve found a new one. I’m grateful today for the newly exposed wall that I get to tear down. The “I can’t” wall. It’s coming down. I know that there is not much in me that wasn’t put there by my creator. I have the grand honor to tear down the doubt, the self reliance, and lean totally on the one who said “I am”. Let’s go!

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