Summer Bounty


It may not officially be summer, but here in South Texas we start our tomatoes in March to beat the heat of July. The good news is, we get our tomatoes early. The bad news is, the plants give up by mid-July.

These lovely tomatoes are Better Boy variety. They are gorgeous, juicy, full flavored, slightly sweet, and quite large. Not as big as a Beef Steak tomato, but darn close. I wish you could feel the weight. They are heavy for their size.

These darlings were part of cucumber and onion salad, just a bit of salt and organic apple cider vinegar.

I’m grateful for the time and energy put into the garden to produce these. So many people take for granted the food they see in the store. It is worth the effort to prepare the beds, plant, water, and weed. These are the glorious rewards.


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