Do you have a phrase you use often? Do you have a habit that your family teases you about?

For my husband, we call it “speaking Dave”. He can utilize the word “deal” for anything that he is trying to describe. Sometimes he quits talking, and just sputters and points, and we are supposed to understand what he’s looking for. For example, we’ll be outside and he will be looking toward the back of the yard and he’ll say “look at that deal”….we get to guess if its vegetable, animal, or mineral, high, low, living or dead. It can be challenging.

Well…with turn about being fair play and all…he got me back. I was quite surprised that I was so predictable. Maybe I thought my vocabulary was larger, or that I had a better command of the language, I don’t know. He got me on two words I use. At least my vocabulary is larger than his!

We were finishing dinner and he was doing something annoying. I opened my mouth to comment, and he jumped in and said in his teasing sarcastic voice “charming”. And he drew out the word, like I do, and smiled. I snapped my jaws shut. He smiled bigger and said “or were you going to call me a ‘toad”?

He proceeded to remind me those were my signature words of disdain, how often I used them, and in what context I would use them.

What a toad. I was busted. Charming man, I will have to get him back!


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