Problem?  What Problem

The past is the past

Hmmmm…….I’m publish challenged for some reason. Time to focus, and this time not on the problem.

So here I am again in the wee hours setting my mind to concentrate on what I’m grateful for, not all the things I’ve done wrong today, yesterday, last week, in the last decade.

I’m thankful for friends. I’m thankful my oldest son is coming in for a visit. I’m thankful my baby is graduating from high school on Friday. We have so much to look forward. This will be a time of celebration, food, and family.

I’m thankful I can learn something new, like how to publish correctly on Word Press and not lose all my ramblings and musings. After all, the first draft of this post really rocked, and I can’t find it! It was gone in a poof, or in this case a ‘click’ of the mouse.

The future is bright my friends! Go hug someone, give a smile, maybe a little encouragement. Be nicer than you feel like being. But above all, don’t look backwards. That’s not the direction you are going.

Problem? What Problem?

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