Problems, problems, solutions

Problems are everywhere. Let’s just face it. We live in a world with people, and there is no escaping the problems that come out of just living here on this planet.


So….what to do, what to do about the problem?

First, don’t try to escape through food, alcohol, or milk for that matter, escaping never solved a problem.

Don’t confront or react till you have all your facts. Always take time to breath and investigate. Try asking questions “what happened”, “what do I need to know”.

If the problem has you riled up, before you take your anger out on a person, find a safe physical outlet for your anger. If you like sports, find your favorite round object, put your problem on it and take a swing, go for a run, go to they gym. Go to the range, loose some arrows at a picture on a target. If you like to shoot, grab your ear protection and firearm, and go to your friendly neighborhood gun range. The point is, anger never solved a problem.

Your best self is calm, relaxed, and proactive.

Get visual. Visualize what outcome you desire. See yourself calm, and navigating successfully through.

Every problem poses different challenges. Stay alert, stay ready to press back against the pressure that problems present.

Problems can be used the exercise equipment to develop problem solving skills. Problems help us develop social skills, and discover our true character. How we act under pressure reveals who we really are.

So the next problem that comes up, view it as an opportunity to do a little skill building. That will drive your enemies mad!

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