Inner Sparkle=Outward Shine

Inner Sparkle=Outward Shine

Before we can shine outwardly, we have to sparkle inside too. Find something you like about yourself, and start sparkling!

Yesterday we were out with our riding buddies enjoying a blue-bird day in South Texas on the motorcycles. One of the ladies in our group is a year older than me, and a stunningly beautiful woman, and I’m secure enough to say that. She is a true beauty. What made me a little sad was that she was talking about losing 20 pounds, and bemoaning that she ‘wished she was as fat as she used to think she was’. That sparked another comment from a younger lady in our group who can absolutely light up a room with her smile, that she was taking a pill to lose weight.

That about knocked me over. I know I need to lose 20 pounds, well maybe 30, but it took me 20 years to gain this weight. I’m not going to lose it over night. It’s coming off as I exercise, eat right, and utilize portion control. The running is helping, and the elliptical and I will go for our 3.1 miles later this afternoon.

What I realized yesterday, as I heard these rare beauties bemoan their current state, is that it really all starts with our thoughts. I can think they are stunning, but they have a vision that they want to see again.

I applaud their vision for themselves, and their desire to change their outward appearance. I want to remind them that they are beautiful right now, they sparkle with their own unique fire, and to not let their inner sparkle go out because their current reflection doesn’t match what they think they need to look like.

It reminded me to be kind to myself too. I can understand and relate where these women are coming from. I may not have the physical attributes of these beauties, but I can sparkle. The loveliest women shine with happiness. I can’t be happy if my thoughts only see the flaws in the mirror.

So today I’m practicing to find something I like about myself, and letting my sparkle come to life.

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