You got one of those in your family?


I’ve got a few lover-lies in my family. I wonder how they have made it to the age that they are?

Everything is an emergency, an ordeal, a manipulation, an attack of the vapors, and I marvel at their inability to rationally deal with traffic, concession lines, neighbors, and family gatherings…..?

Inevitably, a week or two prior to an event, the needling starts. When they arrive, the tension can be cut with a knife.

That’s generally when I have to make fun of the sour-puss relatives that want to rain on my parade. I can’t say I’ve made it yet…but in search of cultivating gratitude….I’m grateful for the difficult people in my life…they are the sandpaper that keeps smooth my rough edges. They keep me focused on the direction that I want to travel.

In the famous words of Wynona Judd “If it’s not one thing, it’s my mother.”

Thanks Everyone. I love you for who you are. You make my life an adventure! You make me stronger, and if I grow up to be like you… husband has instructions on how to deal with me!

Third time is the charm?


I’m taking another stab at this post. I’ve made two rather unsuccessful attempts at writing about this zucchini, that I’m wondering if it’s meant to be. But I’m tenacious that way, I don’t quit till I win, it’s a thing with me. That’s why it’s 2 am Texas time, and I’m awake and writing about Zucchini? So sad, I have to laugh at myself.

I’ve got all this Zucchini, see, and I’ve been deadly dry in writing, at work, and overall. But since I’m so bull headed, I figured I would write my way through the dry spell, take my third stab at this post on Zucchini, and some how come out on the other side content? This is funny. If you could see me, in my jammies, curly hair all askew, glasses smudged, with my determined little face up against the computer trying not to wake the household while I pound away on this keyboard…..the tears are flowing down my face I’m laughing so hard at my ridiculous state. That is making it a little harder to see through the smudged spectacles, but I don’t care, I’m having fun at my own silly expense!

So, enough about me, back to the squash, dryness, and looking for creativity. I decided that I needed to grate the squash, but I was too dry and dull to get out my food processor and zip through it in minutes. I have to grate it by hand. I only got my knuckles twice, which was a miracle in itself. Being so dull minded, I found the act of grating the squash oddly comforting. The juice from this veggie was really sticky, and formed a glue like bond on my fingers that I literally had to scrub off with a pumice stone. When it was all said and done, I was not so dull and dry. I found two different recipes for Zucchini bread that turned out really tasty. I ended up with 4 quarts of grated zucchini with 3 of the largest of my bumper crop, and I made 2 loaves of zucchini bread, 12 muffins, and 6 mini loaves.

Not too horrible for being so deadly dull and dry when this all started. This post might even turn out!

The finished product!  Yum!

The finished product! Yum!

Love my man


I have an awesome husband. He’s a surprise every day. Just bragging on him a little…he’s a practical man. He never hesitates to help me. He gets up early and makes the coffee. He gets the dogs outside, and gets out the door by 6 am. He works hard, and in the last 23 years I’ve known him, he’s missed 6 days of work due to illness. He’s funny, he always puts 100% of himself in everything. He’s a problem solver, and a creative artist with an engineering mindset. He can also dance. When we go dancing…I will waltz with the man, as often as I am able.

He’s the man I prayed for. After I divorced in the early 90’s, I prayed for a man who could look in my face, and tell how I feel….that’s a two edged sword. Yes he always can read me, and no I can never hide how I feel from him.

He shows me how he loves me through “acts of service”. That’s his love language to me. He will vacuum, do dishes, laundry, whatever he can to show me how much he cares.

I’m a very blessed woman, and I’m so grateful for a good man.

Appreciate the people in your life, and watch how much your love for them grows!




Do you ever focus on the problem too long? Maybe I’m the only one? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Focusing on the problem magnifies it. Talking about the problem, worrying over the problem makes it the center of your universe. Maybe you call your friends and share the overwhelming nature of the problem, and they in turn tell their friends. The problem takes on a life of its own.

Stop. No worry, no anxiety, no magnification ever solved a problem.

Relax. Don’t magnify how something doesn’t work. Relax. Look for the solution, but more than that. Look to the One who can solve the problem.

The solution will come more quickly if you are relaxed, and ready for an answer.

Here’s your sign


To paraphrase a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your permission’.

That is a powerful statement. We have to KNOW who we are. We have to value ourselves. Mostly, we have to be selective in the company we keep.

Choose people to lift you up, not ones that hold you back.

Time to start living in a “jerk free” zone.



Things go better when there is a flow. Grace is flowing through imperfections, in spite of challenges, and over obstacles. Aren’t you glad you aren’t responsible for your own grace?

Perfection is far from me, and I used to cringe, and suffer when I would fall so short of what I thought I should do, say, look, be. When people would condemn, curse, criticize, or talk down to me, I would take it so hard.

When I started to embrace grace instead of cringing in condemnation, my life started to flow in a more positive way. I let go of condemnation and negative self talk. I’ll stick with Grace.

Grace to you my friends!

Look Ma, no helmet!


Last weekend’s trip to Leaky to ride the sisters was awesome. We had a lovely time.

Getting ready to head out on Saturday morning, hubby announces “I’m just wearing my cap, I want to really enjoy this.”

I’m thinking….new road, unfamiliar place, lots of turns and twists…this equals helmet! I like my helmet, I even look cute in my helmet, usually at dusk or near dark, but now-a-days I take cute when I can.

More thoughts run through my head “the closest hospital is in San Antonio?” ” What if we fall, what if someone hits us!” I feel my joy and peace draining out of me like a flood. One minute I’m in happy expectation over a beautiful day outside in this fabulous setting, and POOF, the fear sucked all the good feelings away.

What to do? Palms sweating, heart palpitating, risk analysis running through my brain….this has to stop. Where is the trust in my man? Where is the trust in my God? Where did my peace go?

I hate fear. I hate being stupid. I really hate losing my peace!

So I had to negotiate some things out with my husband to start getting my peace back. I want to step out and go without a helmet too! First, I get to be the navigator. Second, I get to say when to slow down. Third we have to be able to stop and take pictures.

We head out sans helmet, and I chose a pink head wrap to keep my bangs from beating my eyes to death. That was short lived. It blew off somewhere on 337 between Leakey and Vanderpool.
Hubby decided we could stop at the Hog Pen to pick up a Do-rag. I’ve never tried one, so what-the-hey, I got one. It lasted much better than the pink wrap.

Riding without the helmet was a really a good experience. Would I recommend it? That depends.
Where are you riding? How experienced are you or your driver? Where is your peace?

We were in a motorcycle place. We were on Farm to Market roads. My husband is very experienced, and committed to my safety and comfort. He in no way pressured me to leave the helmet behind.

Because I was given the freedom to choose, I took time to reestablish my peace, pray, and I had a great time. I couldn’t let fear and panic steal my peace. It would have ruined the whole trip.

So funny end to the whole “head wear” saga. I had just bought the pink head wrap to cover up my helmet hair when we ride with friends. I really wanted it back, but if I couldn’t find it, I hoped someone would. So I sent up my request to The Lord. We finished up our last ride Sunday morning, and we were heading back to the cabin on 337, and what do we see in the middle of the road? Yep, there it was, my pink Harley Davidson head wrap. I could only say “thank you Jesus”, while my husband muttered about me being spoiled. I just smiled. It is supreme joy to know Jesus loves me, protects me, and hears even my smallest requests.

I think I will remember this lesson always. Follow peace, keep it simple, and never ever give into fear.