Airplane, oh Airplane, why is your seat so small?

Travel land is a land of mystery, drudgery, and great opportunity.

Since I go back and forth in travel-land often, I get to see lots of airports, airplanes, travelers, and interesting places.

My favorite airport is Nashville. My favorite US city is Denver. My favorite airline is Southwest.

What I have noticed is the rows on all the airlines have really shrunk. This last flight was pretty full. I was at the window, another lady was at the aisle, and the last passenger on the flight decided our middle seat was preferable over the other available middle seats in male passenger rows. He decided my suit case in the overhead bin could move, but didn’t account for its length, and proceeded to beat the bin door shut. The perky flight attendant came to his assistance, saving my poor bag from further savage treatment. I asked if my bag was damaged since the savage was going to sit next to me, and I was going to discuss the damage with him for the duration of the flight if need be. She assured me it wasn’t, he sat down folded his arms and proceeded to fall asleep, snoring loudly, and spreading his legs so wide, I had to nudge him out of my leg space.

I don’t mind if someone uses all of their seat, and both arm rests, but I draw the line at them encroaching on my seat, or leg space. Leg space is sacred!

The successful part of the story was when the man awoke, he asked if he snored, in a self deprecating attempt at humor. With a twinkle in my eye, I said “no, but you did drool a bit, you may want to wipe your face”. Big smile. He then proceeded to tell me about his new grand baby, took my suitcase down from the bin for me, and wished me a pleasant trip.

Sometimes…it’s just worth it to be nice, especially in the new sardine models of airplanes.

Today I’m grateful for successful journeys.


3 thoughts on “Airplane, oh Airplane, why is your seat so small?

    • Wow, I posted that a long, long time ago. You’ve inspired me to explore back with some of the blogs I now follow. I bet I’ve missed quite a bit,like your weight loss!

      • I’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping on my blog, and one thing led to another, and found myself reading your first blog post! I like going back to my favorite blogs to see how they’ve changed over time.

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