Sunshine and the Rain


I will never wish away the rain and we had some yesterday! 3 inches of lovely, slow falling rain, and this dry ground soaked up every drop. It was a truly beautiful rain, with slow rolling thunder and big fat drops that took their good sweet time in falling yesterday. It was one of those days to stay inside, read a book, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Today we are supposed to get some more rain but you would never guess it to look outside. The sun is dazzling and bright. It is the perfect juxtaposition from yesterday. The plants are so happy from the rain yesterday that they are resplendent today in the sun. It’s energizing to witness.

So I’m grateful for both. We needed the rain. I needed the sunshine as a reminder that both are just as wonderful. Too much of one can be dangerous. Both taken in measure produce great results.

Enjoy where you are today! Smile at someone. Say a kind word. You can do it.

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