Happy People

Happy People

Isn’t it interesting that your focus determines where you end up?

I learned an important lesson during my motorcycle beginner class. I was continually looking down to make sure I got my feet on the foot pegs, not on the brake or gear shift. In looking down, I couldn’t see where I was going, it made me nervous and afraid.
The instructor was yelling at me across the parking lot “LOOK UP”!

When I looked up, I did better. Surprise!

When learning to successfully corner the bike, the instructor kept emphasizing to ‘look where you want to go’. I had to look at the finish of the corner, to successfully get the bike around the tight turns. Looking outside the finish, put me outside ‘the finish’.

My goal to be a better motorcycle rider, has to be steeped in focusing on a successful run, looking where I want to go, and being aware of what’s around me.

Focusing on what makes me Thankful, makes me so Happy! Oh! But when I focus on making others Happy….That puts me right over the moon.

Do something for someone today. Even if it is just smiling and waving at a neighbor, or a stranger. Smile, and practice happiness. Share it with others. Be Thankful for something, you can do it!

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