Facing truth


I’m a woman in the midst of menopause. It’s a change in my life for sure, and I have sought medical help for the transition.

I’ve been on Bio-identical hormones for a year now. I may have to find another alternative.

So, I’m facing truth, and I have to face the truth that it isn’t working, and I’m not doing as well as I thought.

So how do I pull gratitude out of this situation? I’ve been confronted, and it isn’t pleasant. My best friend wants “this Wendy to leave”.


What do you do you do when you recognize a problem, seek medical help, exercise, train, work, meditate, pay extra for bio-identical and you end up with “she needs to go”?

Do I pull out the “this too shall pass”?

Maybe it’s just time to be quiet and be thankful I can breath, I have a strong faith, I have dogs that love me, and I’m active and fit and healthy.

Ouch in the gratitude. I can focus on where I need to go.

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