Airplane, oh Airplane, why is your seat so small?

Travel land is a land of mystery, drudgery, and great opportunity.

Since I go back and forth in travel-land often, I get to see lots of airports, airplanes, travelers, and interesting places.

My favorite airport is Nashville. My favorite US city is Denver. My favorite airline is Southwest.

What I have noticed is the rows on all the airlines have really shrunk. This last flight was pretty full. I was at the window, another lady was at the aisle, and the last passenger on the flight decided our middle seat was preferable over the other available middle seats in male passenger rows. He decided my suit case in the overhead bin could move, but didn’t account for its length, and proceeded to beat the bin door shut. The perky flight attendant came to his assistance, saving my poor bag from further savage treatment. I asked if my bag was damaged since the savage was going to sit next to me, and I was going to discuss the damage with him for the duration of the flight if need be. She assured me it wasn’t, he sat down folded his arms and proceeded to fall asleep, snoring loudly, and spreading his legs so wide, I had to nudge him out of my leg space.

I don’t mind if someone uses all of their seat, and both arm rests, but I draw the line at them encroaching on my seat, or leg space. Leg space is sacred!

The successful part of the story was when the man awoke, he asked if he snored, in a self deprecating attempt at humor. With a twinkle in my eye, I said “no, but you did drool a bit, you may want to wipe your face”. Big smile. He then proceeded to tell me about his new grand baby, took my suitcase down from the bin for me, and wished me a pleasant trip.

Sometimes…it’s just worth it to be nice, especially in the new sardine models of airplanes.

Today I’m grateful for successful journeys.


Sunshine and the Rain


I will never wish away the rain and we had some yesterday! 3 inches of lovely, slow falling rain, and this dry ground soaked up every drop. It was a truly beautiful rain, with slow rolling thunder and big fat drops that took their good sweet time in falling yesterday. It was one of those days to stay inside, read a book, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Today we are supposed to get some more rain but you would never guess it to look outside. The sun is dazzling and bright. It is the perfect juxtaposition from yesterday. The plants are so happy from the rain yesterday that they are resplendent today in the sun. It’s energizing to witness.

So I’m grateful for both. We needed the rain. I needed the sunshine as a reminder that both are just as wonderful. Too much of one can be dangerous. Both taken in measure produce great results.

Enjoy where you are today! Smile at someone. Say a kind word. You can do it.

Facing truth


I’m a woman in the midst of menopause. It’s a change in my life for sure, and I have sought medical help for the transition.

I’ve been on Bio-identical hormones for a year now. I may have to find another alternative.

So, I’m facing truth, and I have to face the truth that it isn’t working, and I’m not doing as well as I thought.

So how do I pull gratitude out of this situation? I’ve been confronted, and it isn’t pleasant. My best friend wants “this Wendy to leave”.


What do you do you do when you recognize a problem, seek medical help, exercise, train, work, meditate, pay extra for bio-identical and you end up with “she needs to go”?

Do I pull out the “this too shall pass”?

Maybe it’s just time to be quiet and be thankful I can breath, I have a strong faith, I have dogs that love me, and I’m active and fit and healthy.

Ouch in the gratitude. I can focus on where I need to go.

Happy People

Happy People

Isn’t it interesting that your focus determines where you end up?

I learned an important lesson during my motorcycle beginner class. I was continually looking down to make sure I got my feet on the foot pegs, not on the brake or gear shift. In looking down, I couldn’t see where I was going, it made me nervous and afraid.
The instructor was yelling at me across the parking lot “LOOK UP”!

When I looked up, I did better. Surprise!

When learning to successfully corner the bike, the instructor kept emphasizing to ‘look where you want to go’. I had to look at the finish of the corner, to successfully get the bike around the tight turns. Looking outside the finish, put me outside ‘the finish’.

My goal to be a better motorcycle rider, has to be steeped in focusing on a successful run, looking where I want to go, and being aware of what’s around me.

Focusing on what makes me Thankful, makes me so Happy! Oh! But when I focus on making others Happy….That puts me right over the moon.

Do something for someone today. Even if it is just smiling and waving at a neighbor, or a stranger. Smile, and practice happiness. Share it with others. Be Thankful for something, you can do it!

Grateful for Swiss Chard


There is something really nice about coming home to a colorful well kept yard. One of my favorite things is having things in the flower bed that you can eat! Swiss Chard is one of those veggies you plant in the fall, that is colorful and green throughout our mild winter, and you can pluck off what you need for a meal, and more grows.
It cooks up like spinach, in fact, anything you can do with spinach, you can do with Swiss chard, it’s just a little more colorful.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make you smile. Enjoy.

So….it’s 2 am what are you grateful for?

It’s an odd thing to be awake when everyone else is asleep.  The house is so quiet, and seems larger somehow.  The Fridge is louder at this hour, or maybe it’s just because I notice it more now then during the day when there is so much else going on.

Today was an interesting day.  I’ve noticed that since I started this quest to cultivate joy, express gratitude, and focus on good things, all hell busts loose.  It made me laugh a bit, and made me realize that I must be doing something right, if the distractions started so quickly with such vehemence.

I’ve found some very good blogs to follow, and as soon as I learn how to ‘reblog’ and ‘link’ and those other technical things, I will share those sites.  

This morning I read Deepak Chopra’s account of dumping files on someone’s head, and following bliss.  He describes ‘not settling for being dumped on’ (my paraphrase and interpretation of the article) as kind of a turning point to finding his bliss and following it.

What is it that holds us back from embracing what gives us joy?  Is joy on our minds?  Do we recognize what makes us ‘blissful’?

These are questions that come to mind at 2 am, so I will start being grateful for the challenges today.  I will use them like exercise equipment to increase my joy.  

The bible says to ‘count it all joy’ when we come into trials.  We aren’t to be thankful for trials, but we can find things to be thankful for until we get through the trials.  

I’m grateful for my family, my friends, my coworkers, and my freedom to ramble and muse at what is now 2:13 am on a lovely Wednesday morning.  

Say Goodnight, Gracie

I’m very grateful today for a good night’s sleep, the great attitude of a friend facing a challenge, good music, and a that I have enjoyed another day.

It’s an honor to pray for friends, believe good things, and seeing the best in people.

Look for the best, believe the best, seek the best.

Sweet dreams!

Celebrating others

People…..they are everywhere you go!

Cultivating gratitude can’t happen in a vacuum. Looking outward and enjoying the people around you was vital step for me.

Other folks can be a challenge, as most of us who drive in traffic can attest. But, we are always around other people, be they strangers, co workers, neighbors, or family. In that sea of people are those who have accomplished something; met a goal, fell in love, got a puppy, graduated from school, passed a test.

Find someone to celebrate with today. Sow seeds of celebration. Smile at someone.