Neither quiet or loud

I am Neither quiet or loud,

Nor unusually proud

I don’t shrink

But I can think

Which makes me, me.

On days of quiet solitude

I find interruptions rude

When I reach out in kind

I’m so very happy to find

Friends of excellent quality

Friends are difficult to find

The quality I need is rarity of mind

Being unique is a must

And loyalty and trust

Of course they are original

I am neither quiet or loud

My words are precious when found

Spoken in hushed tones

Usually when I am alone

Which is most of the time, anymore

It’s been a long while since words have come flowing. I had to capture them before they wandered away.

Thanks for listening

The funny things you see

We went out for an early dinner, and on our way back to the car, we pass this little shoe. I think Smart Cars look like children’s shoes, don’t ask me why.

My first thought was “would I trust a repairman who showed up in this?”

My second thought was “He’s got a really little tool box.”

My buddy on facebook commented it should be a mobile vasectomy service.

We all had a good laugh.