Lenny and the kids


The hubs and I went and saw Lenny Kravitz last night at the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land, Tx. It was the oddest concert experience. People, up and down. Irritatingly moving about, interrupting, loud talking……

The highlight of the evening was the kids that Lenny brought out to play Are You Gonna Go My way.

It was charming, it was over the top great. So much fun. Good for Lenny, looking for the talent coming up.

I don’t know that I got this link right, but I hope you click and enjoy. 😁

Never Forget

We were riveted to the media on that day–9-11-01.

I first heard the report as I dropped my youngest son at school.

Turning to the news when I got home, I stared in horror as the footage of the first tower burning, was interrupted with the 2nd plane hitting the other tower.

The news of the Pentagon being hit. The news of the plane crashing in Pennsylvania.

Evil was on display that day, But Good was on bigger display. God Bless those that ran in to help those in need.

My prayers for the families that survived, ever changed by 9-11-01.

Photos from Pinterest.