And it begins.

Midway thru my first cup of coffee, I have the FoodNetwork up on the TV. Giada is talking about Rotten Fruit.

Rotten Fruit? I had to stop to find out why. So I hit rewind, and played it again.

She was talking about Moroccan Food…..

Choosing to focus on Gratitude

It’s been a tough month. Travel, work, a beloved pet passing, a parent suffering a major fall, another parent moving to full nursing care, selling a parents home, moving all the old stuff, family drama, and I got out of balance and tried to cook my way into a sense of normal.

The sorrow, knowing that my dad will pass soon.

The sorrow knowing my mother in law will pass soon too.

The sorrow over the loss of Rascal.

The swamping, suffocating feeling of helplessness, as things have to be done, now, not later.

It Steals my motivation, energy, and care.

There’s So Much Talk Of Being Wild
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CaptainQ had this post this morning. He’s talking about how people on social media appear perfect, and work hard to adjust the perception all the time with their perfect punctuation, pictures etc. It was the right post, at the right time for me. I think I’m a wild and free individual, but maybe I’ve focused on keeping my image a little too “perfectly punctuated.”

I try to keep things reasonably light, and my purpose is to focus on gratitude. I’m not grateful For everything, but I find ways to focus on the good things in my life when the circumstances I’m (neck deep) in aren’t always good.

To drag myself out of the swamping emotions, and feelings of helplessness I choose to be grateful today for:

  1. A really sweet phone call from my husband this morning.
  2. The rain is gone for today, I’ll get to see the sunshine
  3. Time to exercise
  4. My warm and comfy home
  5. My job
  6. Our other dog, Dolly, is eating more, and she seems to be coming out of her sorrow over Rascals passing.
  7. The opportunity to be good to someone today.

Thanks for taking time to read, and I hope wherever you might be, that your Friday is Fabulous.

What are you grateful for today?

Can’t stop laughing

Be on the Lookout



We went to a lovely wedding in Dripping Springs, Tx last night. One of my husband’s best friend’s daughter got married. We got to hang out in a beautiful setting, celebrate a lovely young couples commitment, dance a little, and catch up with folks we hadn’t seen in a bit.

We are chatting at the table before the toasts, and our friend Laura pipes up and says “you won’t believe what Buzz did.” Of course we were on the edge of our seats to hear the latest escapade of one of my husbands oldest friends. Buzz is a big guy, bald, tattooed–Old Rocker who is in charge of a very large music venue in Texas. He’s hob knobbed with major headliners. He considers himself to be like Howard Stern in how he likes to shock people with the outrageous. So we couldn’t wait to hear the story.

Turns out they were in a grocery store, and Buzz likes to play practical jokes on Laura when they are at the store. He stalks her, sneaks up and grabs her butt. She knows it’s going to happen and plays along.

This particular day at the “Piggly Wiggly” didn’t turn out as Buzz planned. He stalked his prey, sneaked up on her and realized mid-grab……he had the wrong fanny!

In horror, the apologies spewed, and Buzz took off in search of his wife, dragged her over to the offended party and demanded that Laura tell them that she was his wife, and that’s he’s not a perve.

He’s kinda lucky he’s not in jail, but we have been laughing about his situation for 2 days now.

I think Laura is having some fun at her husbands folly, I know we did. I can’t remember laughing so hard.

Author’s note: Some of the names have been changed to protect the embarrassed, but this is the story relayed to me.

Pigs in a blanket, shaped like a pig!

I’m so happy.

I got a new silicone mold, and I made pigs in a blanket that look like little piggies!

I’m completely geeking out! I love them, especially with some honey drizzled on top.

Even their little ears turned out! I can’t believe how cute they are, but I will eat them anyway.

Copacetic Man, AOK

One of the words my high school friends and I would say to sound “important”.

My youngest and I were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner tonight, and he used the word “copacetic” in a really sarcastic manner. So I asked if he knew what it meant.

It turns out he heard it recently, and thought it sounded “important”.

We had a little discussion about his vocabulary, and the importance of knowing what you are saying.

Then I had a bit of a chuckle. “Copacetic”, yea man.

The Weather just…….

Holy smokes it’s COLD, Wet, windy and miserable today.

Who in the world wants to be out in this yucky stuff?

I need another blanket.

I’m very grateful today for my grandmothers quilts.